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Codete Meetup at Techie's | JS Run Around

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Techie's Na Zjeździe 11, Kraków
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Od 13 gru 17:30 do 13 gru 17:30
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🚀 "JS Run Around"
Codete Meetup at Techie's

📆 13.12.2023, 5:30 pm
🗺️ Techie's, Na Zjeździe 11

Dive into dynamic discussions, embrace early Holiday vibes, and proudly wear your favorite ugly Christmas sweater. Connect with fellow programmers over a beer, and don't miss our contest for a chance to snag gifts from Santa! 🎄🎁

This meeting is for JS developers of all levels.
Whether you're a junior or senior, we hope to inspire you all!

🎤 Presentations

Lech Krzemiński: Type Wars in JS: TypeScript vs JSDocs
In recent years, TypeScript has become the standard for enterprise-level projects on the front-end and back-end. However, in a recent shift, two major projects in the JS ecosystem, Svelte, and Turbo, opted for JSDocs over TypeScript.

Lech will argue that TypeScript is not always a good choice for a project and that alternatives make better use of JS's flexibility.

The presentation plan includes:

  • Overview of what TypeScript brings to JS.
  • Discussion of the problems and limitations of TypeScript.
  • Demonstrations of documentation using JSDocs with examples.
  • Exploration of the possibility of JSDocs coexisting with TypeScript, including examples and benefits.
  • *Bonus topic: Run-time type checking with Zod (if time allows)

Borys Palka: Next.js 14 - Back to the future
In the past, server-side rendering (SSR) was not considered particularly special. Operations involved using "actions" with forms. However, with Next.js 13, it appears we are revisiting the past and challenging some established rules in the ongoing debate between SSR and CSR.

If you haven't had the chance to explore the latest features introduced in the 13 and 14 versions of Next.js, or if you're interested in topics like:

  • How and when to use client or server components?
  • Tricky aspects of rendering, including "poisoning".

Let's take a journey back in time and revisit a classic form structure:

<form action={myAction}>

<button type="submit">Add to Cart</button>


And after that nostalgic moment, let's hop into the DELOREAN DMC-12! 🚗💨

About the Speakers

🎙️ Lech Krzemiński - Fullstack JS Developer at Codete
A type-agnostic full-stack developer, Lech is passionate about new JS runtimes.
Outside work, he's an avid cyclist, runner, science-fiction enthusiast, and board games freak.

🎙️ Borys Palka - Fullstack JS Developer at Codete
In theory, a medical physicist with a love for coding; in practice, a Fullstack developer absorbed by web technologies. Borys is a Dad of 2, an enthusiast of Karate Kyokushin, and a casual gamer.


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See you at Techie's! 

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