Sundao;ISM Academy - Ecstasy of Enlightenment - Master Yu Jae-Sheen & SooJin Kim

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Centrum Promocji Zdrowia w Tarasce Taraska 19A, Aleksandrów
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Od 19 cze 17:30 do 23 cze 14:30
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Od 3 300,00 zł

Sundao Academy; ISM Residential Workshops 2024

Ecstasy of Enlightenment - Master Yu Jae-Sheen and SooJin Kim

WHEN? June 19-23, 2024

WHERE? Taraska Health Promotion Center (TARASKA 19A, 26-337 Aleksandrów)

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Until the end of March:

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Embark on your transformative journey!

Sundao;ISM is not just a practice, but a philosophy of life that allows for a different perspective on everything that surrounds and meets us in life. Sundao;ISM enables us to make our lives happy, healthy, joyful, fulfilled, and enlightened.

Enlightenment is a big word, but we're not afraid to use it.

Through Sundao;ISM, you will find deep understanding and connection with yourself - with your Inner Space, which will help you not only feel relief but also completely change your perspective. Your new perspective, stemming from the enlightenment you will experience, will become a catalyst for positive changes in your entire life.

About the Workshops:

In seclusion and the beautiful natural surroundings, guided by Master Yu and SooJin Kim, you will find closeness to your source and understand the power of your Inner Space. We intentionally organize workshops with Master Yu and SooJin in Taraska so that participants can find time and space to manifest their inner light and enjoy it in silence, peace, and seclusion.

Sundao;ISM practice encompasses the physical body, emotional body, and its energetic system as a domain of learning, understanding, awakening, integration, decision-making, and fulfillment.

The residential meetings include light (requiring no prior experience or fitness level) movements, guided meditation, interactive exercises, and inspiring conversations with the facilitators.

Your body is your energetic vessel in this life; each body supports a different state of Being and consciousness. Through the enlightened body, you approach the enlightened mind and their deep connection.

Sundao;ISM workshops are an invitation for you to become a lighthouse in your world. Your presence sheds light that brings fulfillment and success.

This ancient method of working with Inner Space integrates three levels of our existence through the combination of several techniques:

  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Meditation

Understanding and combining their essence will lead the practitioner to discover a way to regain health, transform relationships, reduce stress, and open the doors to extraordinary manifestation power. Conscious navigation of our lives is possible and, properly guided, remains within our reach. Simply by using the appropriate techniques of working with the body, mind, and spirit, we can initiate a transformation process that will lead us to manifest our Inner Space.

The awakening and enlightenment you will experience during the SUNDAO;ISM workshops will allow you to reach the deep essence of the subconscious, spirit, to become a being aware of your presence and ability to create, manifest your inner light.

Organizational Information:

For the second time, residential workshops will be held in the Taraska Health Promotion Center.

Amidst the Sulejowski Landscape Park, participants will find a space of peace where they will be guided through the SUNDAO;ISM workshop program in unity with nature. It is important that the atmosphere of tranquility and safety allows each of you to focus on working with your inner self under the nurturing guidance of Master Yu and SooJin Kim, respecting the intimacy of the process.

Both beginners interested in delving into meditation and connecting with their inner radiance and experienced participants who need to learn the appropriate method of reaching the source of enlightenment can participate in the Sundao;ISM workshop.

The number of places for residential workshops is limited - registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

To participate in the workshops, purchase a workshop ticket and reserve accommodation and meals.

Accommodation reservation - lodging and meals:

  • Double room with bathroom and meals: 250 PLN per person per night
  • Triple room with bathroom and meals: 220 PLN per person per night

Accommodation is also possible in cottages, tents, or in your own camper - all details in the link below or at the indicated phone number.

Meals: vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, coffee buffet, seasonal fruits.

Link to register for workshops

For accommodation inquiries, please contact the Taraska Health Promotion Center:

509 861 666, 510 021 918, email: [email protected]

Participants' Testimonials:

"Many windows of understanding, many inspirations have opened. When I first came to such a meeting, I'm glad to feel full acceptance and kinship of souls. After a long journey, I finally returned home and can rest. I feel warm and safe. I am very grateful to Master Yu and SooJin for the starry world you give to the inhabitants of our planet."

"What a workshop, what a meditation, what insight, what a variety of guided meditation and music! Controlling life is not only an illusion but also an attempt to limit abundance. When you have rich and lasting experiences, such as those during the ISM Life Mastery retreats, you are surprised and blessed beyond description."

"Each workshop and retreat, since I met you, is different, yet the same aspirations and inspirations. Today was pure jewelry, a multifaceted shining diamond, just like the shining aspects of personality and 'beauty, values, that is, 'everyone who joined. Deep gratitude and bows to both of you!"

"I feel a completely new quality of my Being - more expansion, more acceptance, more love - greater Inner Space - it's hard to explain - I am very happy that we will continue our journey. I embrace you with my Heart."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these workshops! All the processes were gentle, soft, and enjoyable. I felt supported all the time! Support from myself, from the entire Universe, support from every flower of the Earth, from my roots, from our fraternal ISM souls, and of course from you. I felt completeness. It was powerful!"

Sundao ISM Facilitator Certification: 

Valid for 1 year. 

Each meeting is assigned an appropriate number of hours. 

First certification: minimum of 80 hours per year - workshops with Master Yu - including participation in residential workshops with Master Yu once a year. 

Continuation of certification: minimum of 40 hours per year of Sundao ISM activities - including participation in residential workshops with Master Yu once a year.

See you at the practice together!

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