XVII New Education Forum. The end of traditional education.

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For the sixteenth time the New Education Forum gives the key stakeholders focused on education opportunity to:

Prepare recommendations for the European Parliament committees related to the areas of transversal competences, youth and the labour market

Present their ideas and anticipated projects and find potential partners to enforce them

Join the international cross-sectorial NEF network

Share their know-how and expertise on effective learning innovations

We welcome the business community, local and regional governments, educational centres, research institutions, and everyone interested in the subject of education to participate in sessions.

The extraordinary times of pandemic and post pandemic, strongly encourage discussions on the meaning and use of the Outdoors Learning. This method presently serves as a safe-space alternative for education and with a growing number of those excluded (also partly due to Coronavirus), the requisition for it will be growing in the coming months and years.

During this year's meeting we will make a summary of current FOLM project development, we will present deas for the future (Outdoors Learning Centers) and we will ask for guidance and opinion from the representatives of the European institutions in terms of these plans' implementation. Further we'll discuss potential funding and expansion of the network of institutions interested in the New Education Forum and the Outdoors Learning method.

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