Conference "Make It Clear: Effective Media Education"

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Arche Hotel Krakowska Aleja Krakowska 237/U1, Warszawa
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Od 28 maj 9:30 do 28 maj 9:30
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Are you a teacher or educator looking for effective methods of working with young people on media education? Would you like to explore modern approaches to educating children and young people about how to understand better and filter information? If so, this conference is for you.

Our event brings together international experts from different areas of media education and internet safety, who will share their knowledge and experience related to developing young people's information literacy, an informed and critical approach to media content, and countering disinformation. We have prepared presentations and debates that will provide concrete tools and inspiration for use in everyday teaching practice.

Why join our conference?

  • You will gain a new perspective, knowledge and inspiration that will help you to teach media education lessons more effectively.
  • You will have the opportunity to network with other media education professionals, which can lead to interesting collaborations and projects.

Join us and discover how a modern approach to media education can contribute to building digital citizenship. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to grow and be inspired. Register now.

Please note that places are limited. Don't delay your decision - register today!

What awaits you 28 May 2024.

  • You will hear about the challenges of media education and how to effectively address them.
  • You will learn about tools and techniques that you can apply in your work with young people to promote the ability to analyse and evaluate information.
  • You will meet committed teacher(s) who, like you, want to develop and improve their methods of working with young people.
  • You will receive a certificate of participation in the conference.
  • We have also prepared a little surprise at the end of the conference!

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