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AI Waves

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Od 23 wrz 17:00 do 23 wrz 21:00
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Beyond the buzzwords, AI is delivering real value in modern business. We want to introduce you to the practical side of Artificial Intelligence, based on the example of real-life projects.

What to expect?

AI Waves is based on facts. No small talk. No academic gibberish. Just possibilities, use cases, implementation.
Results? Tips and tricks you can actually use.

We have gathered a group of experienced AI practitioners and business leaders of various industries to guide you through the practical side of AI in business. Stay tuned to meet our speakers soon!

Who is it for?

Sign up for AI Waves if you are a:

  • ➡️  business executive
  • ➡️  technology manager
  • ➡️  startup owner
  • ➡️  curious mind interested in introducing new technologies into their work

The event will focus on the presentation on the best practices, case studies and current trends of AI and ML within various industries. A cross-disciplinary representation of speakers will share their thoughts on AI based on their own experiences and applications. You will hear from some of the greatest minds in the field about how to implement AI in real-world projects.

Our speakers

Martijn Bauters Technology Director at  Easyfairs International
Dr. Georg Wittenburg Co-founder and CEO at  Inspirient
Christian Kirschniak Partner and Director at  Boston Consulting Group
Katarzyna Dorsey Founder and CEO at  Yosh.AI
Jerzy Biernacki Head of R&D and AI at  Miquido



Wednesday, September 23
4-8 PM UK time

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23 Września 2020, 21:00