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DevOps Days 2021

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Od 4 paź 10:00 do 5 paź 20:00

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We have closed ticket sales because we have decided to publish stream from the conference for free.
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What is DevOps Days and where did it start?

The concept of DevOps was pioneered by Patrick Debois at the DevOps Days held in Ghent, (Belgium) in 2009. DevOps is based on cooperation and constant communication between two areas of specialists from software development and IT maintenance. Both departments exchange their knowledge, complement each other and communicate. Such a procedure is designed to show the dependencies between the areas

About the event

DevOpsDays invites you !!!

On behalf of the organizers, a group of professionals from various IT companies , we are pleased to invite you to the world famous initiative - DevOpsDays. DevOpsDays is a self-organizing conference for enthusiastic practitioners. The topics presented in the DevOpsDays include but are not limited to DevOps and Operations areas, Developers will also find something for themselves. Check out our schedule!

Our goal is to maintain a healthy balance between the cultural aspects of DevOps practice and the highly technical ones. In addition to the main talks, we are planning lightning talk and open space sessions.



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