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Angular Master Workshops by Nir Kaufman

Angular Master Workshops  by Nir Kaufman

Angular EE - Advanced State Management (First day)

Take your skills to the next level with this Angular architecture & design oriented workshop.

You will learn advanced real-world patterns and techniques for state management In Angular with NGRX, base on real-world challenges.

Topics that we will cover include:

  • How to design a message based system
  • Design a complexed flow using message patterns
  • Angular modules patterns
  • Manage complexed state using @ngrx/store
  • Taking advantage of feature modules in Angular
  • Keeping the state normalized with entities
  • Manage side effects the right way
  • Response to router change with ngrx
  • Debugging
  • Tips & best practices.

Angular EE - Design & build advanced component and shared modules (Second day)

One of the key success factors in on a large scale application, is the ability to share as much code as possible.

On this workshop, you will learn how to design and build complexed UI components and directives that can be extended, customised and shared across your applications.

We will also learn how to create robust modules and libraries and use them in our applications.

Topics that we will cover include:

  • Advanced directives concepts
  • Designing an extendable reusable components
  • Dynamic rendering patterns and techniques
  • Dependency injection in depth
  • Building an expandable, reusable angular module
  • The mono-repo approach
  • Extending and customize Angular
  • High-Performance tips & best practices

Nir Kaufman

Head of Angular Development at 500Tech | Google Developer Expert

Nir is the head of Angular department at 500Tech, a top front-end consultancy. He is also a worldwide conference speaker, Angular evangelist and Google Developer Expert (GDE). Nir organizes the largest Angular community in Israel (Angular-IL), talk and teach about front-end technologies around the world and an organizer of AngularUP conference.

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