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13 Września, 09:00 od 34,99 zł
Expo XXI, Warszawa

Punto y Raya Festival - PyRFORMANCE #1 by KinoManual + Pin Park

Studio A / CeTA Audiovisual Technology Center

This is a project comprised of two duos that actually constitute a trio: kinoMANUAL (Aga Jąrzab & Maciek Bączyk) and Pin Park (Maciek Polak & Maciek Bączyk).Based in Wroclaw, KinoManual explore mainly analogue stop-motion techniques, such as hand-drawn, cut-out and non camera animation. Pin Park creates electronic music using only the unusual architecture and unrepeatable timbres of EMS synthesizers /2 x Synthi AKS/.Their live session is a wondrous exploration of colour, form, composition, and texture, spanning from the tiniest details in nature through cosmic mindscapes. In turn, Pin Park's minimalist and experimental compositions help submerge the viewer in this feast for the senses, where time seems to take a respite.

Aga Jąrzab (Wrocław, PL)
Graduated from the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław.She does a lot of things: animated films with traditional techniques (her favourite), drawings, art objects, and design.She collaborates with many cultural institutions as a graphic designer and animator.She also works with students at the Academy of Art and Design, acting as a professor assistant in the Media Art Department.

Maciek Bączyk (Wrocław, PL)
A graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław. Maciek Bączyk works with sound and image in practice and in theory. In 2010 Bączyk returned to visual arts, mainly experimental film and installations. One of the most important features of his works is a manual contact with film, tapes, tools and the production process itself. Together with Aga Jarząb he created the small, independent audiovisual production house: kinoMANUAL. He has performed and recorded with bands such as AGD, Robotobibok, Small Instruments and his current band, Kristen. Bączyk is also half of the Pin Park duo.

Maciek Polak (Gdańsk, PL) 
Experimental musician and composer, Maciek is fascinated by analogue synths. He is the founder of, a small studio and repair shop of all types of vintage synthesizers, which he sees as the perfect marriage between art and design.

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