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Business Insider Trends Festival

2 Października - 3 Października od 890,00 zł
The Koneser Square, Warsaw

I love Sales & Commerce 12-13.05.2020

12 Maja - 13 Maja od 701,10 zł
MTP Sala Ziemi, Poznań

Szkolenie na "Prowadzącego strzelanie" (LOK) - Strzelnica FSO

7 Września - 8 Września od 549,99 zł
Strzelnica FSO, Warszawa


22 Listopada, 09:00 - 17:45 od 290,00 zł
Hotel Q ****, 53-334, Wrocław

IT talk: «Project Management: PMI vs. Agile»

We are happy to invite you to our next IT talk meeting. During this time we will discuss several questions about contemporary approaches to managing projects in the challenging IT world. The event will be held on December, 13th.

«The Traditional PMI, Agile as a New Vision», by Stepan Vasylevskyi

We will talk about various approaches to managing projects, discuss their similarities and differences, as well as how they contradict and how they can work together.

«Waterfall to Agile: Real Life Project» by Marcin Rawicki

Based on a real-life project example, I'll present and explain some problems I've faced transforming the project from a classical Waterfall based to an iterative and Agile-flavored project.


Stepan Vasylevskyi has been in IT for 11 years, 7 of which as a project manager, with passion to agile approaches. Fan of using the common sense when achieving project goals.

Marcin Rawicki is working at DataArt the Solution Architect in Data Management discipline - in short "all around the Data". In his over 15 years of business experience, he had many chances to work and help clients of different scale and origin, in almost every business domain.


6.00 PM - 6.05 PM - Registration

6:10 PM - 6:35 PM - «The Traditional PMI, Agile as a New Vision», by Stepan Vasylevskyi, 1st part

6:35 PM - 6:40 PM - Coffee break,

6:40 PM - 7:10 PM - «The Traditional PMI, Agile as a New Vision», by Stepan Vasylevskyi, 2nd part

7:10 PM - 7:20 PM - Coffee break,

7:20 PM - 7:45 PM - «Waterfall to Agile: Real Life Project», by Marcin Rawicki

7:45 PM - 8:20 PM - Networking.

Language: English.

FREE ENTRANCE! Unfortunately, we have a limited number of places. Please, fill the registration form and wait for our next email.

We host IT talk at our office (map).

The event will be broadcasted on our YouTube channel.

IT talk is an open community, where anyone interested in IT industry can participate. We do not focus on specific technologies. At our meetings we will feature presentations for project managers, developers (.NET, JavaScript, JAVA, etc.), we will touch on testing issues.

IT talk is a real opportunity for professionals, teachers, students and novice developers to exchange news, share technical solutions, present them at the seminars to colleagues and everyone interested.

Any participant can become a speaker at the community meeting and talk about their experience, views, company.

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