Yoga Class for Everyone at Enterprise Park

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Building E, entrance E2, ground floor
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Od 27 mar 16:00 do 27 mar 16:00
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Many of us have an office job that involves sitting behind a desk for long portions of the day. And a lot of us no doubt spend a good chunk of the evening sat down on the sofa too. But, as you may imagine, this isn't conducive for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, by leading such a sedentary lifestyle, you are increasing your chances of diabetes and heart problems. 

One way to offsetting the dangers of sitting down is learning some simple movements that you can incorporate into your daily office / home office routine. And here's where yoga comes to the rescue!

Please join us for a relaxing yoga session to stretch and unwind.

Dress in comfortable clothing. Bring a bottle of water and an open mind :)

Space is limited. And there are tickets for attendees WITH AND WITHOUT their own yoga mat. Check below, register & book your spot!


27 March, 4:00 - 4:50 pm


Enterprise Park, Building E, entrance E2, ground floor

All ages & experience welcome! 

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