Morita Vargas - koncert 26.04.2023

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Kolonia Artystów Aleja Grunwaldzka 51, Gdańsk
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Od 26 kwi 20:00 do 26 kwi 20:00
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Od 30,00 zł

Morita Vargas is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and producer of experimental music linked to scenic arts and performance.

Based on Argentina. morita immersed herself in the digital music, opening up to a world of electronics tools to capture their sounds, interacting with the ambient genre, dream pop and fantasy.

Morita acts integrating artistic interest with visual and sound impact, resorting to stimulate all the audience inviting them into a trance.

She has performed at international festivals, including: Mutek (ARG), Marvin (MEX), Rewire (NL), Nrml (MEX), Ranchear (ARG), Maintenant Festival (FR), Les Femmes S'en Mêlent (FR), Ciudad Emergente (ARG), Trimarchi (ARG) And Pleamar (ARG).

Morita has released two albums: "8" (2018) and "Mandrágora" (2019) an ethereal trip of fantasy made with traditional instruments like calimba, flute, tambourine and chajchas combined

with her voice and digital tools.

Conquering new audiences around the world, her first LP "8" was released on vinyl in 2020 by the Estonian label "Hidden Harmony Recordings" and distributed in more than 20 countries from Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

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  Morita Vargas - koncert 26.04.2023
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