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TEDxKazimierz - Hidden Heroes

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Teatr KTO Zamoyskiego 50, Krakow
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Od 7 paź 14:00 do 7 paź 20:00

Hidden Heroes is a conference about technology, matters of high importance, mutual respect, the future, and life.

At these challenging times, our communities are still witnessing injustice, lack of understanding and help, indifference to the world we live in, and wars. TEDxKazimierz is here to show you that there is hope. Challenging times are always the times of big opportunities, let's discover together how to face them and be prepared.

It's time we spark the dialogue on the global issues that we are trying to resolve on the global and local level, thanks to the hidden heroes among us.

Become a part of a conversation, join us for the event full of ideas and curiosity. We are looking forward to seeing you at the TEDxKazimierz 2023 Hidden Heroes conference.

More details a about the event are here.

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