💡 Tech MeetUp _ Containerization and Orchestration: Exploring Docker, Podman, and Kubernetes

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Browar Lubicz Lubicz 17J, Kraków
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Od 10 kwi 18:00 do 10 kwi 18:00
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💡 Tech MeetUp: Containerization and Orchestration: Exploring Docker, Podman, and Kubernetes

Podman presents a compelling option as an alternative to the widely used Docker platform. At our upcoming Meetup, we will feature Podman and offer an in-depth look at containerization, covering everything from the basic principles to sophisticated techniques. Yet, we're not stopping there - we're going above and beyond. We are honored to have the respected Damian Naprawa join us to exhibit secure application deployment methods within Kubernetes. Seize this opportunity to enhance your knowledge of containerization and its practices.


1️. 🔥 Docker, Podman, K8s - Which One and When?🔥 presented by speaker Rafał Żelazko:

About the topic: Are you familiar with Podman, an intriguing alternative to Docker that also offers support for the Kubernetes API? While Docker, containers, and Kubernetes have dominated the conversation in recent times, Podman deserves attention too. In this presentation, I will explore Podman's capabilities and showcase several fundamental use cases. We'll delve into building OCI images, executing them, and establishing communication between containers. Join me in discovering the potential of Podman as a powerful tool in containerization.

About the Speaker: Rafal is an experienced software developer with nearly two decades of industry experience. Throughout his career, he has successfully held roles as both a front-end and back-end developer. These diverse professional backgrounds include working on numerous projects that extensively utilized containerization-related technologies.

2️. 🔥Discover an alternative to Docker: Podman🔥 presented by speaker Mariusz Gajęcki:

About the topic: Although Podman and Docker are both designed to create and manage containers, there are notable architectural differences between the two tools. These differences influence how containers are initiated, how rootless mode is achieved, and the options for integrating with systemd.

During this presentation, you will be offered a concise introduction to podman daemonless architecture and the concept of rootless containers. I will also discuss Quadlet and provide a brief overview of the various OCI Runtimes compatible with Podman.

About the Speaker: Mariusz is a seasoned engineer with over 15 years of experience in customizing and deploying Linux/RHEL within Public Safety Systems. Throughout his career, he has successfully fulfilled the roles of Technical Lead and Architect. In recent years, his focus has shifted to the realm of containerization, where he has been guiding multiple teams and projects through the transition to container-based environments.

3. 🔥How to Deploy an Application in Kubernetes and Securely Expose It to End Users on a Specific Domain with an SSL Certificate.🔥presented by OUR SPECIAL GUEST Damian Naprawa "Docker Captain"

About the topic: In this lecture, we will explore the practical steps involved in deploying an application within a Kubernetes environment and ensuring its secure accessibility to end-users on a specific domain using an SSL certificate. We will delve into the details of preparing an application for Kubernetes, focusing on containerization, deployment processes, and observability. Using a specific application as an example, we will navigate through each phase of the process, from preparation to deployment to highlighting best practices for observability. By the end of this session, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively manage and monitor application deployments in Kubernetes.

About the Speaker: Damian "Docker Captain" is a Cloud & Kubernetes Architect, containers enthusiast, trainer and evangelist. Experienced in Kubernetes Platforms design. Helps Developers' Teams understand containers and migrate their apps from monoliths to microservices - including migration to the cloud and Kubernetes. Shares his knowledge on his blog/podcast - wkontenerach.pl (InContainers) and online courses. A fan of automation and the "As a Code" approach.

📢 Join us on Wednesday (10.04.2024) at Browar Lubicz. The meeting will start at 6 pm🙂

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