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Polish Wine Experience: Polish wine tasting in English

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FERMENT - sklep z winem i whisky | wine&whisky bar Lubicz 40, Kraków
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Od 3 sie 18:00 do 3 sie 18:00
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Od 199,00 zł

Are you aware that Poland boasts more than 500 vineyards?

If you want to know more join us for a fun and flavorful evening of Polish wine tasting! We'll be tasting 8 different wines from Poland, each one with its own unique taste and story.

Crisp whites and elegant reds to intriguing rosés and sparkling wines. Each wine has been selected to represent the best of Poland's viticultural prowess.

Understand the challenges and triumphs of Polish winemakers in crafting wines that stand out on the global stage.

Participate in engaging discussions about the different styles of wine that thrive in the Polish climate. Which grape varieties are most successful? What styles of wine do the unique climatic conditions favor?

This is a tasting and interactive experience where your questions and observations are encouraged. Whether you are a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, this event promises to enhance your appreciation and understanding of Polish wines.

Come along for an evening of discovery, conversation, and, of course, fantastic wines. Let's raise a glass to the exciting world of Polish wines and have some fun!


  • Winnica Gostchorze Gost Art Brut
  • Winnica Silesian Piesecco Pet Nat
  • Winnica Barczentewicz Chardonnay Beton
  • Winnica Amonit Solaris
  • Winnica Jakubów Hibernal
  • Winnica Miłosz Pandemiczna Pomarańcza
  • Winnica Białe Skały Pinot Noir
  • Winnica L'Opera Halka

Time: 18:00
Price: 199 PLN

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[email protected] or 535 995 170

See You in FERMENT&have a grape day!

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  Polish Wine Experience Ferment
2 Sierpnia 2024, 22:00 199,00 zł