AI Startup Crawl by Masovian AI Fest

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Świetlica Wolności Nowy Świat 6/12, Warszawa
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Od 25 kwi 18:00 do 25 kwi 22:00
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Od 0,00 zł

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Cocktails and AI

Join us for an evening of leisure, knowledge exchange, and some startup tourism!

For the evening of April 25th we're opening the entire venue's floor to promote your projects and see what others are working on.

BYOL - Bring Your Own Laptop

Working on something? Got PoC, MVP, or a ready product? Come and show us! Come with your rig, set up on one of the tables, and show the world your doing!

Let us know if you want to promote your idea

Fill out the form at the registration to let us know about the project you're coming to us with! We'll use our socials to promote your idea and save a spot in the venue.

It's not only about business

This evening is not to be taken too seriously! Sure, promote yourself AF. Feedback each other AF. But don't forget to simply grab a drink and enjoy the community of likeminded people.

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