Web Talks Kraków 2020

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Forum Wydarzeń Marii Konopnickiej 28, Kraków
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Od 26 cze 7:00 do 26 cze 7:00
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Od 150,00 zł

Proper Front-End, JavaScript conference in Kraków. Another cooperation of KrakówJS and Women in Technology. For professionals, juniors and all kind of Web Technologies enthusiasts. We provide you with great speakers, excellent atmosphere and bunch of interesting workshops! We're gathering to learn, meet new people, exchange ideas and have great time together. Full day of talks and a night for afterparty!

When summer starts in Kraków, people go to Forum to chill and drink by the river. That's where we're going too! Grab a friend and come sit with us. It's gonna be legendary! And fear not, we're coming back in 2021!

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26 czerwca 2020, 19:00 150,00 zł
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