The Arc & Tech Arrows @KLUB BUDA

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Klub Buda ul. Czapskich 2, Kraków
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Od 8 cze 20:00 do 8 cze 20:00

The new and improved Arc & Tech Arrows are coming back to the stage, this time at Klub Buda. Don't miss it!

The Arc & Tech Arrows are a Kraków based four-piece Rock n Roll band. Although making a few splashes on the Krakow music scene and its stages over the past couple years, they have been relatively obscure, keeping in the background, lurkingly. Recently they have been focusing primarily on recording their first full-length album, which is expected to be released in the next couple of months.

Although they tend to lean on the tag of "Rock", it is way more out of convenience than anything else. Within their music (all original material), one can sniff out several fragrances. Blues riffs, folk melodies, jazzy improvisation, each tune has its own feel.

Luke Treble (vocals, guitar), Stefan Walczyński (drums) Łukasz Sromek (Bass) as well as the most newly acquired and sharpened arrow, the great Carlos "Edge" Oliveira, (Electric Piano / Keyboard) make up the squad.

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Listen to their music:
Hard as a bean
Conduct condition
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