The Arc & Tech Arrows live @Klub Buda

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Klub Buda Czapskich 2, Kraków
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Od 7 gru 20:00 do 7 gru 20:00

The Arc & Tech Arrows will be taking over the stage at Klub Buda for the fourth time this year! One of our favourite, local international bands, they posses a unique style that blends rock vibe, folk tempos and jazz improvisation. We have witnessed their progress as a band and their work has paid off making them a staple name in the local music scene. Don't miss them!

Recently they have been focusing primarily on recording their first full-length album, which is expected to be released soon.

Luke Treble (vocals, guitar)
Stefan Walczyński (drums)
Łukasz Sromek (Bass)
Carlos "Edge" Oliveira, (Electric Piano / Keyboard)

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