Sudden Awakening/Authentic Cultivation

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Od 27 lut 9:00 do 17 kwi 12:00
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Sudden Awakening/Authentic Cultivation

Awake Best Version of Yourself, Live the Best Decade of Your Century.

8 Weeks Inner Space Journey with Master Yu and SooJin

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27.02.2021 The Knowing yourself

06.03.2021 The Process of transformation

13.03.2021 The Journey to Inner Space

20.03.2021 The Deep Acceptance

27.03.2021 The Complete Acceptance

03.04.2021 The Essence of Life

10.04.2021 The Body of Ultimate Reality

17.04.2021 The Body of Complete Enjoyment

9:00 - 12:00 (CET), 

Online (ZOOM).

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Phone: +48 693 160 910

The Body of Ultimate Reality  10.04.2021

There are brilliant knowledge, theories and intellective approach in personal development and journeys into consciousness, what is missing one is definitely skillful descent to our deepest trust, Inner Space its infinite intelligence and partnership on your life.

Master Yu will prepare messages and practice of Descent to Enlightened Body that can invite you the Ultimate Awakening into Bliss of Life and Abundance of world.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
• let go of any problems or 'blocks' you may have
• see challenges from a different, more beneficial perspective
• enjoy better relationships (romantic, family and friendships)
• develop self-esteem and self-love in all areas of life, including body image
• create a better future whilst enjoying your current life fully
• stop overthinking, deal with negative emotions and find soothing and relaxation in challenging times
• discover your life's vision and a sense of meaning and purpose

This workshop features ISM Practice, which includes guided meditation, powerful somatic practice, messages - and 'take home' techniques that can be used time and again after the workshop to benefit your life experience.
Love & Gratitude

Nourishing Destiny for Your Full Potential and Creative Leadership with the Soul of your Life Project with Inner Spirituality, its Thousands of Years Linage! 

Master Yu, SooJin and ISM Partners, our goal is to share with you everything you need to unlock the boundless energy, intelligence, creativity and love that has always been your true nature of Inner Space.

* Life-Mastery training from Sudden, Direct & Immediate Awakening that Nourishes Authentic Cultivation.

* Live your gifts of life; The Having, Loving, and Knowing

* Feel the Realness of the Full Devine Partnership of your Inner Greatness, Inner Space.

* Ancient and Proven Strategies and Extraordinary Transformations for Personal/Organizational

Effectiveness, Abundance & Well-Being in All Dimensions.

* Ultimate/Leading edge Resolution Method in your Creatorship, Mastership & Leadership.

* Bring Fulfillment on your life Projects & Business.

ISM invites us through a three-fold approach, which involves:
  • ISM Methodology (Integral Somatic Method) for your resolution at the very life moment.
  • ISM Meditation (Inner Space Meditation) into Wholeness; Inner Space of Being.
  • ISM Message (Inner Spirituality), Personal Sovereignty, which is a foundation of genuine well-being in all dimensions.

Master Yu and SooJin have been in a lifelong devotion to personal growth and human perfection/potential. ISM is a complete re-interpretation of ancient pearls of wisdom from the perspective of the whole well-being, how to take care of yourself genuinely and all, and be truly responsible as a genuine creator, master and leader of your life and world.

ISM Body/Soul Training is entirely new and revolutionary, not derived from any other modality known today. It is to the point and utterly practical. This bull's eye light-speed method meets the needs and challenges of modern-day men and women seeking personal, organizational efficiency, clarity, and ultimate well-being.

It is the time of a new beginning! We welcome you to see, feel, and live your full greatness, completeness, grace, majesty, and sacredness. As you fully align with your inner space of wholeness, enabling true creatorship, mastership, and leadership over your body, heart/mind, life, projects, and your world.

This training will bring maps and guidance to you to live with your truth space, natural space, original space, the 'Inner Space' of wholeness. It is about how to thrive with this Source of all your incomparable beauty, value, meaning, power, authenticity, and magnificence. And your Inner Space is the only space for your full integration and nourishment of your creative human genius's destiny and your full creative potential.

By sync with our Inner Space and living its guidance and support continuously, this means that every part of you is now available to live your destiny fully with no resistance, fear, or self-sabotage. Once you have reached this sync, your destiny's unfolding can be more graceful and effortless.

These dynamic workshops are a caring, inspirational, and educational environment for generating breakthroughs in the most crucial aspects of your life. Whether you're a long time in the personal quest or just begin to realize the power of your Being, this training will significantly fast-forward the transformation that gives you peace, clarity, and abundance in all dimensions.

Working with Master Yu & SooJin's ISM is like having a map and compass to direct what you need to transform into inner peace, clarity, and joy. It gives you the tools and inspiration to move to the next phase of life fulfillment and actualization. It is one of the most simple, evolved methods to be in Authenticity, Happiness, Ultimate Freedom.

During this gathering, you will discover how to:

  • Engage each day with renewed purpose, vigor, inner vitality because you know exactly who you are, why you're here, and that you matter to the world.
  • Illuminate the hidden influences and blind spots that sabotage your development and hold you back from achieving the highest visions for yourself and your life.
  • Breakthrough self-imposed and collective conditionings and find your real inner power.
  • Free yourself from chronic ailments (high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, low energy, etc.) and be fully healthy and joyful.
  • Transform stress, loneliness, insecurity, and depression, and experience inner greatness knowing you're never alone, always supported, and deeply connected to the Source.
  • Have a clear connection to your inner feminine and masculine essence and inner guidance.
  • Experience more profound, more fulfilling relationships because your new clarity and awareness will attract and create positive interactions with everyone around you.

And more deep level to:

  • Reawake energetic leadership of your life and world.
  • Awake inner teacher & leader with ISM as "The Art of Ultimate Well-Being."
  • Continuously expand and practice mastery of transformation in health, beauty, relationship, family life, work, project, business, material, and spiritual life.
  • Experience & Learn how we can apply ISM not only for our health and well-being but also for everlasting peace, clarity, and abundance in all dimensions. 

ISM Training includes the physical body and its energy system as a domain of learning, understanding, awakening, integrating, bringing resolutions, and fulfillments. Our meetings include light movements, guided meditation, interactive exercises, and inspirational talks. Our bodies are our energetic vehicles in this life as each body supports a different state of Being and consciousness. ISM training is an invitation for you to become a beacon (lighthouse) in your world. Your presence shines a light that brings your fulfillment and success.

Latest workshops:

The essence of life

Appreciate the essence of life of what you have, at any point in your life. Integrate body, mind, and soul to gain energy. Get an energy transmission stage which will help you to wake up and make possible to realise in all your life topics.

Now you can buy a ticket for a selected, thematic workshop.

Complete Acceptance

Often we want to be someone else so much that we don't accept the current version of ourselves. Non-acceptance is the barrier to any real change. Total acceptance is freedom from negative things and the basis of self-development. When you feel unaccepted, you live in the belief that there is something wrong with you. This has consequences because you are what you emanate and that is exactly what you attract into your life.

Everything you need to fully develop is already in you. However, no one will do the work of experiencing, learning, and gaining your own strength and power for you.

Total acceptance is self-esteem, real knowledge of your abilities.

Deep release

Free from unnecessary.

"Release" is one of the simplest instructions that can be heard from a complex stress situation, but the most difficult is the implementation. Deep conscious release is an extremely important skill. You will learn this by learning the body and mind. The seminar will help you with love and gratitude to free yourself from the unnecessary things, thanks to this you will touch the deepest corners of your existence. You will find something forever calm and peaceful. You will feel great relief. Stress, anger and fear will disappear. You can use this skills anywhere and at any time. Happiness and freedom will always be within your mind.

The release of emotions with simultaneous recovery is similar to instant discharge of cargo.

Master Yu, Jae-Sheen (Co-Founder of ISM, Founder of Sundao, Teacher)

Master Yu, Jae Sheen is known as one of the most innovative and dynamic meditation teachers and an author of books, including "Sundao - An invitation to mountain Daoist practice."

After over 30 years of sharing his knowledge and meetings with thousands of people in the western countries, Master Yu created a groundbreaking well-being program, Sundao; ISM. It is a unique and complete re-interpretation of ancient mountain Daoism, Buddhism, and the spiritual understanding of oriental medicine, which offers a practical solution for spontaneous healing and the embodied transformation of consciousness for individuals, society, and the planet.

He began his quest and spiritual journey at age 9, under great teachers' guidance, including his grandfather, who taught him the value of inner qualities and genuine energetic leadership. During years of focused meditation and intense training, he was blessed with many profound experiences that led him to the "ultimate" experience and realized that the spirit of Inner Space is 'Pure Benefits' to his own life and the world. He got a clear understanding that all awakened people point to: We are not our body, mind, pain, and suffering, but rather, we are a manifestation of eternal presence, love, and consciousness.

After arriving in the United States in 1998, he opened practices in California and Arizona, USA. He travels internationally, offering workshops, personal meetings, and retreats to individuals and organizations. With his lively, enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates the more profound principles and underlying wisdom of the ancient arts and philosophy. He lives in North Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

About Soojin Kim

SooJin Kim, a co-founder of ISM (Integral Somatic Method/ Inner Space Meditation and Music), wholeheartedly supports people living healthier, happier, and more creative lives that fully express the beauty of individuality and connect with one's true essence.

Since 1999 she has been sharing practical guidance, meditation, and music throughout the world, including North America, European countries, Russia and Asia. She travels internationally conducting retreats, workshops, and various training with her beloved husband, founder of Sundao; ISM, Master Yu, Jae-Sheen.

Her intense inward journey started after the severe injury she had while continued studying music in Germany. She was desperately finding the solution for unbearable physical pain from the partially paralyzed body. After trying different medical supports, including western and eastern, she explored integrative approaches and discovered the ancient healing arts and meditations, which benefited her immensely. A profound inner transformation and experiences radically changed her health, and the way to see her life and the world. Concentrated practice accelerated recovery and opened up the innate gifts within. She naturally began to help others, as well.

As a classically- trained violinist, her soulful music dedicates to helping others connect with their hearts, where unconditional love and authentic power reside.

"It's such a great joy to share the love with countless people around the world and witness them experience greater fulfillment in their lives. I am so grateful for this journey. My inspiration is to empower everyone to take responsibility for their happiness. The most important value for my husband and me is 'Pure Benefits' to others and ourselves. Sharing 'Pure Benefits' is the profound awakening that we deeply realized through meditation and training, so we keep it alive and real as we live it."

Participants Testimonials

"A lot of windows of understanding opened up, a lot of inspiration. When I first came to such a meeting, I am glad that I feel complete acceptance and complete kinship of souls. After a long journey, I finally returned home and can relax. I feel warm and safe. I am very grateful to Master Yu and SooJin for the starry world that you give to the people of our planet."

"What a workshop, what a meditation, what insights, what variety in the guided meditation and music! Controlling life is not only an illusion but also an attempt to limit the abundance. When you have rich and life long lasting experiences like the ones in the ISM Life Mastery retreats, you are surprised and indulged beyond words."

"Each workshop and retreat since I met you is so different, but at the same time, it is the same in aspirations and inspirations. Today was pure jewelry, a multi-facets shining diamond as the shining facets of personality and "beauty, value, meaning" of everyone who joined. Deep gratitude and bow to you both!" "I feel the completely new quality of my Being - more expansion, more acceptance, more love - bigger Inner Space - that is hard to explain - I am so happy that we will continue our journey I embrace You in my Heart."

"Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for this workshop! All processes were so tender, soft, and pleasant. All the time, I felt support! Support from myself, from the whole Universe, support from each flower of the Earth, from my roots, from our ISM soulmates, and of course from you. I felt wholeness. It was powerful!"

"I'd like to thank you for the beautiful and indescribable meeting over the weekend. Everything I experienced was just beyond words. Each meeting and practice unfolds new layers, new understandings, and ideas. I am on a well-guided journey. Eternally thankful for this partnership."

"Every meeting like a new dimension of something profound which resonates and pushes to the next level! Thank you for sharing your inner space."

"I want to say that the quality and setting up of the online ISM meeting is even better than any of the offline meetings except the fact of the personal contact and huggings for sure! I mean this for several reasons: just 3 hours is enough per day to be profound for changes and not too much to get overloaded! The recordings are priceless. I try to do them during the following week, and the benefits are even more significant because I can digest and integrate and embody even more! I have time for myself in between the weekly sessions to go deeper and deeper! "

"I was very touched by the last meeting and every word that said. I am delighted and grateful that I can participate in this project, be a part of these meetings, and this amazing transformation, the changes that I noticed this week were huge. Thank you!"

"It is a new experience, very profound, deep, and realistic. Thank you for the meetings and meditations. Indeed another inner world opens up to me."

"This was wonderful! Time of reflection, looking for my inner space, generating good energy, fostering my creative potential, finding my femininity, and dreaming. Time of understanding myself. I haven't been so happy for a long time. I feel that this is just the beginning of my journey, the beginning of my path, and can't find proper words to thank you for what I felt."

Retreat counts 24 hours towards Sundao Facilitator Certification; ISM *

* Sundao facilitator certification; ISM requires a minimum of 40 hours of annual CEU (continuing education units) training with Master Yu.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the workshops in an electronic version and temporary access to the workshop recordings.

Organizational information:

The day before the course, participants will receive access to the webinar room along with full instructions to the email address provided during registration.

If you did not receive the notification, please check the SPAM folder

The number of places is limited!

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1 Maja 2021 1 280,00 zł
Recording. The Knowing yourself (27.02)


17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł
Recording. The Process of transformation (06.03)


17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł
Recording. The Journey to Inner Space (13.03)


17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł
Recording. The Deep Acceptance (20.03)


17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł
Recording. The Complete Acceptance​ (27.03)


17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł
Recording. The Essence of Life (03.04)


17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł
Access to a single meeting. The Body of Ultimate Reality (10.04)

Access to a single meeting.

17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł
Access to a single meeting. The Body of Complete Enjoyment (17.04)

Access to a single meeting.

17 Kwietnia 2021 190,00 zł