Startup Hansa Conference

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Inkubator Starter Lęborska 3b, Gdańsk
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Od 28 paź 9:00 do 31 paź 23:00

Startup Hansa ( is an idea of building a global startup ecosystem that will enable startups to leverage different startup hubs across the globe in different stages of development. Gdansk, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Phoenix, Berlin and many other startup hubs are not the biggest hubs in their geography but they all have advantages for certain types of startups to grow. Yet, they did not evolve into a full-lifecycle ecosystem like Silicon Valley, London or Tel Aviv.

Startup Hansa was inspired by the history of the Hanseatic League that connected smaller trading hubs like Gdansk, Stockholm or Hamburg to allow merchants from these cities to outcompete traders from the biggest ports.

We believe that enabling startups to leverage strengths of different ecosystems at different phases of development can build an advantage that will help the startups outcompete peers from the leading hubs.

Inspired by the Hanseatic League we want to build a tight network of cooperating startup cities across the globe, that will enable and incentivise a free flow of capital, talent and data so startups can take advantage of every city's strengths and committing to faster growth of all.

On 28-29 October we will meet for the second time within Startup Hansa in Gdańsk in Incubator Starter.

The two-day conference will feature debates of international experts from the world of funds, cities, accelerators and startups, during which we will discuss the needs of each of the parties and their visions of building an international ecosystem for entrepreneurship. The conference will cover topics such as: building a market for innovation, free flow of talent, overcoming cultural differences, legal issues related to the functioning of international startups and cooperation between accelerators.

The aim of the event is the transfer of knowledge, international exchange of experience in building startup ecosystems and getting to know different points of view of participants. 

Among our panelists there will be representatives of Startup Chile, StartupAmsterdam, Desy, President of the Swedish sting, many representatives of investment funds, cities and corporations.

Place: Starter Incubator, ul. Lęborska 3B Gdańsk

Days: 28-29 October 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Entrance: free 


Elizabeth Sutkowska -;

Tomasz Rykaczewski -

A detailed schedule will be presented soon.

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Organizers: City of Gdańsk, Gdansk Enterprise Foundation, Neoteric Company


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