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Sphere.it conference 2021

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Opera Krakowska ul. Lubicz 48, Krakw
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Od 4 paź 9:00 do 4 paź 9:00
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Od 264,45 zł

We have been monitoring the complexity of the pandemic situation closely since the beginning of the year. Taking into account the safety and health of the guests, staff, and the community we decide to postpone sphere.it Conference until October 2021. 

The exact date of sphere.it will be announced in the beginning of 2021. 

All purchases will be honoured no matter what date sphere.it will take place finally. It's also possible to return tickets even 1 month before the event. 

Sphere.it in its shape focuses on state-of-the-art technology and solutions to day-to-day developers' problems. It's a conference that provokes you to make a positive change in the way you build software systems, giving you the opportunity to learn, share and connect.
We focus on production systems - technology, trade offs, lessons learned and problems.

The Main Stage belongs to Masters of Software Craftsmanship - real technology rockstars and creators of technologies. They will present their experiences of running scalable, large-scale systems in production, with real users and real trade-offs (and real deadlines).
The Cameral Stage is dedicated to advanced talks where tech professionals will dive deep. They will show their detailed expertise, not obvious solutions and brand new tools.
The Rehearsal Stage is a place for those who want to start their adventure with particular technologies or tools.

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