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soap! 2019 workshop: How to localize UI and documentation | Marta Bartnicka

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Office&Cowork Center Cystersów 20A, Kraków
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Od 5 cze 16:00 do 5 cze 18:00

soap! 2019 is coming!

We'll be back on June 5-7, 2019. Go and talk to your manager and book the date for you now! These three days filled with workshops and talks will greatly help you grow professionally and as a person!
So, have you already talked to your manager? No? Ok, let's talk details! Here's what we'll do:

***********************June 5: soap! workshops**********************

Get your hands dirty! DO stuff. You'll listen and ask questions tomorrow. Today you'll do stuff! Registration to most workshops is open only for soap! attendees only at a VERY good price. Some workshops are to anyone though. For information on who can register for specific workshops, see the schedule. Also, book your evening, there's an after party on Wed. Important: Check our web page for the soap! workshops venue. Also, you need to register separately to soap! workshops. Registration to soap! workshops will start in late February. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date.

***********************June 6: soap! conference***********************

Ok, now that you're a bit tired after learning, it's ok to relax and focus on listening. BUT make sure to ask questions. At soap!, there are no bad questions! Don't worry if you don't like taking notes. All talks are recorded. You'll be in one room with all soapers (no simultaneous tracks): authors, information architects, project managers, designers, and content professionals who do techcomm, learning, translation, videos and graphics on a daily basis! Wow! Then it'll be time for networking! Our venue is Manggha Museum.

***********************June 7: soap! conference***********************

More of wows, knowledge overload, old friends, new friends, good coffee, loads of fun, and more! Then: the ultimate after party! We'll be at Manggha again the go to T.E.A Time :)

Hope we convinced you! :) Also, if you want to join as a speaker, here's what you should know.


Content as code? Content has long been treated as human-readable only. It's probably safe to say that it's been changing during the past 10-15 years. We're curious to see how much it's changed. Do you treat content as code? Do you use the same processes, tools, and methodologies as developers or is content a completely different story? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this approach? And most importantly, what does "content as code" mean for you? No matter if you're a seasoned speaker or a first-timer, join us and tell us!

Remember: For us, content is not just text or User Guides. It's all information and experience related to a product that impact users. That's why, we welcome talks related to: Media, UX & UI, Technical Documentation, e-Learning & Training Materials.


  • soap! conference (June 6-7) - visit for details
  • soap! workshops (June 5) - visit for details

The sooner you get your ticket, the better - prices grow with time. The number of early bird tickets is limited. Ticket number limitation doesn't apply to any other ticket type. Ticket prices are published in PLN and EUR but the payment will be completed in PLN. You can change the currency on the ticket selection page in the top right corner. The price in PLN is fixed. The price in EUR changes daily based on the current exchange rate.

Your ticket includes:

  • option to register to soap! workshops (Wed., June 5)
  • entry to the soap! conference (Thu. - Fri., June 6-7)
  • lunch, coffee, and snacks
  • invitation to all 3 soap! after parties
  • access to all Manggha exhibitions on June 6-7


The available payment methods are visible on our Evenea registration page. If you need an invoice, make sure to provide your company details before purchasing a ticket. You'll be able to download the invoice after payment is completed.

If you need a pro-forma invoice, fill in the order including your company details but don't proceed with the payment. A pro-forma will be automatically generated for you. If you don't see it in Evenea, contact Gosia for help at

ABOUT soap!

If you don't know us yet, it's high time you join us! soap! is an exceptional conference dedicated to product-related content. We believe that content is not merely text. That's why we discuss different content types such as graphics, videos, manuals, or user interfaces; different phases of content lifecycle including its creation, management, transformation, and localization as well as different roles involved in the process: authors, information architects, project managers, graphic designers, and other. soap! is an extraordinary, international community. If you're a content professional, you'll definitely like it. Come and join us!

More at

Also, check out our local MeetContent events at

See you on June 5! We can't wait to meet you!
Love, The soap! Team

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Dołącz do wydarzenia
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Workshop type: Available only for anyone. Discounted for soap! participants.
When: June 5, 2019, 4:00 - 6:00 PM (2 hours).
Where: Office&Cowork Center, Cystersów 20A, Kraków
Important: Make sure the workshops you book don't overlap.
Other: Drinks and snacks included. No lunch.
How to localize UI and documentation | Marta Bartnicka

Workshop type: Available only for anyone. Discounted for soap! participants.
When: June 5, 2019, 4:00 - 6:00 PM (2 hours).
Where: Office&Cowork Center, Cystersów 20A, Kraków
Important: Make sure the workshops you book don't overlap.
Other: Drinks and snacks included. No lunch.

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