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React & Node.js in Full-stack action - Techie's by Codete Meetup #3

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Techie's by Codete Na Zje藕dzie 11, Krak贸w
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Od 25 lis 18:00 do 25 lis 20:00
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React & Node.js in Full-stack action

Join us at Techie's and let's talk React and Node.js, network & enjoy some tasty snacks together. 馃尞

馃棑  WHEN: 25.11.21 (Thursday), 6 pm

馃椇  WHERE: Techie's by Codete (Na Zje藕dzie 11, Krak贸w)

馃帿  TICKETS: Free registration.


馃懆馃捇 "The missing data-fetching library for React" by Szymon Oleszek

React is cool because it lets us do a lot of things in many different ways (and it's not cool for exactly the same reason, by the way). Data fetching is one of such things. We are going to review a couple of common approaches to data exchange in React apps and introduce a library that can really help with the task.

馃懆馃捇 "Invoice accounting system in 20 minutes in node.js" using Amazon Textract by Rafa艂 Korszu艅

How to extract structured data from a scanned image in a way that allows you to interpret its meaning? You may do it with node.js and Amazon Textract. You will see how to implement this with live sessions and you learn the pros and cons of this solution. Be ready for speedy programming and a bunch of solid knowledge.


馃帳 Szymon Oleszek is an engineer with a passion for building things displayed in the web browser, but not only that. He has started his career in IT with programming microcontrollers and building electronic devices, then he has gone through a brief episode with creating programs for industrial machines. He has finally landed in creating UIs. Right now, he works as a software engineer at Codete.

馃帳 Rafa艂 Korszu艅 is a dinosaur who fell in love with software development a long time ago and he's still in love with it. He has experience with different types of projects, from low-level to web and cloud-based. Rafa艂 spent a lot of time evangelizing people about architectural thinking at all levels of their experience. For the past 10 years, he has been a software architect working with various types of organizations, including Intel Corporation, and now he is a part of the Codete team.

See you at Techie's! 馃憢

Please remember about the sanitary precautions.

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  React & Node.js in Full-stack action - Techie's by Codete - 25/11/21 18:00
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