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Polmoot 2019 - High School Moot Court

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Okręgowa Izba Radców Prawnych w Warszawie/ Warsaw Bar Association ul. Żytnia 15 lok 16, Warszawa
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Od 23 mar 10:00 do 14 kwi 18:00

Polmoot- High School Moot Court is the first edition of a moot court competition organised by the students of one of the most prestigious high schools in Poland- Batory High School of Warsaw. Our alumni are well-known for their successes in the domain of law, which makes current students particularly interested in this area of knowledge. The purpose of this event is to create an opportunity for 50 young people from all over Europe to expand their knowledge on international arbitration, law and test their persuasive and rhetorical abilities. The topic of the contest is commercial arbitration, with the legal basis being the The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) rules.

The event will be divided into three segments: 

- 23.03- workshop day (during which potential contestants will have a chance to listen to the most prominent figures in the world of law and find out more about the competition, its rules e.g. how to write a memorial)
-13-14.04 general eliminations- a number of pairs chosen according to their memorials, will hold a simulated hearing of court proceeding at court, which will be judged by professional lawyers
- semi-finals, finals- number of pairs will gradually decrease, finally leading to the grand finale and announcement of the winners of the competition and award ceremony.


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