OpenReaktor #76 Stories of Reaktor Founders

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ReaktorWarsaw Bohomolca 15, Warszawa
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Od 14 cze 18:00 do 14 cze 18:00

Final OpenReaktor before the Summer break will be special as we invited the original trio of Reaktor founders who created the space in 2011 to tell their stories.

The weather should be great so expect to spend the afternoon & evening in the legendary Reaktor garden!

18:00 Beer & Networking
19:00 Announcements
19:05 Presentations from the original Reaktor founders:
- Borys Musielak SMOK Ventures
- Anna Walkowska ProperGate
- Kuba Filipowski Netguru
21:00 Pizza

What is OpenReaktor?

On monthly #OpenReaktor events we open up Reaktor, a startup mansion in Żoliborz (Central-North Warsaw), inviting interesting speakers and gathering the whole Warsaw startup scene in one place to network. Hot Pizza, cold beer, great location, wonderful people and fantastic speakers!

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