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Od 30 maj 9:00 do 31 maj 17:00

Advanced Angular Workshop, Architecture for Enterprise Applications

by Manfred Steyer & Michael Hladky

May 30-31, 2019 Warsaw

In this interactive seminar you will develop a critical understanding for planning and implementing large enterprise applications with Angular. You will explore and work with approaches to structure huge applications like npm packages, Monorepos and Micro Apps. For this, you will also leverage Web Components created with Angular Elements and see how to dynamically load them. 
More info: http://ng-learn.pl/advanced-angular.html

Building native mobile apps with Angular and NativeScript
by Sebastian Witalec

May 30-31, 2019 Warsaw

Are you an Angular developer who always wanted to build an iOS or Android app? Good news!
NativeScript is a free and open-source runtime for building native apps with skills you already have - Angular, TypeScript, CSS, and npm. The best part?
NativeScript renders truly native UIs - giving your users the best performance and UX their devices can offer. In this workshop, you'll learn how NativeScript works and how to leverage it to build your next mobile app. Then, you'll dive in and use NativeScript to build an iOS and Android app from scratch. In this workshop you will bring your mobile device and laptop, with the software being discussed installed, and have the unique opportunity to learn hands-on, following along with an instructor step-by-step.
More info: http://ng-learn.pl/nativescript.html

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  Advanced Angular Workshop: Architecture for Enterprise Applications (2 days)
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  Building native mobile apps with Angular and NativeScript by Sebastian Witalec (2 days)
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