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Lion's Den ING Risk Modelling Challenge

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Od 20 maj 10:00 do 21 maj 16:00

Calling all Risk Lions!

Are you ready to get real insight into risk modelling? That's the name at Lion's Den ING Risk Modelling Challenge. This year, we're gearing up for our 3rd edition, re. #climate change, and it's going to be bigger and better than ever!

Risk management is the strategic heart of banking and fintech. Therefore, once again, we're looking for the bright eyed and bushy tailed to help us navigate the frontier of the future in risk modelling. At this year's event we're taking on climate change. Are you brave as a lion to face that challenge?

Lion's Den ING Risk Modelling Challenge is powered by ING Bank Śląski & ING Tech Poland.

Who is invited?

We're looking for you if:

  • you can create a team of 3 or 4
  • you are a students and recent graduates (up to 2 years after graduation) in i.a. one of the following: Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Economy
  • you have an experience in building statistical models and data analysis
  • one of your superpowers is programming in SQL, R, Python or SAS

How it works? 

1. Make a team of 3 or 4 members.

2. Choose a team name and a leader of your team.

3. Sign up for the Lion's Den ING Risk Modelling Challenge individually, filling the registration form.

4. After registering, we will send you a pre-selection assignment from the address: lionsden@ing.com to qualify for the main event.

5. Solve the task as a team. The result should be send by the team leader, indicated in the registration form, to the e-mail address: lionsden@ing.com

6. Once we check your work, we'll let you know if you've gotten through to the second, live round!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 😉



ING Bank Śląski

Although the world has slowed down a bit, we are still discovering opportunities that are driving us forward. We inspire you to make the right financial decisions. We make banking safe, friendly and close.

We do our job. With you.

Who are we?

ING Bank Śląski employs over 8,000 employees of the bank's head office and branches. We are part of the ING Group and provide integrated financial services in the field of retail banking, corporate banking and financial markets. We like technology and we know how to use data. Agile working methods are important to us, as well as with whom and how we work. Together, we build a friendly organizational culture based on respect, positive relationships and responsibility.

What we do?

We inspire people to act so that they are one step ahead in life and in business. We focus on lasting and long-term relationships that we build on the basis of an Orange Code - a collection of our values and behaviors. These are our commitments to customers, society and employees.

Find out more about us: https://www.ing.pl/

ING Tech Poland

Who are we?
First of all, a team of experts! At ING Tech Poland, we work together, inspire and support each other in achieving our goals. In the first place, we put technology and experience that enable us to build advanced products and comprehensive services. It gives us a unique position at ING, based on trust, and the potential to optimise existing processes and lead ING through the digital transformation.

What do we do?

We provide comprehensive IT services and operational services at ING around the globe. Our operational services are provided, among the others, by RiskHub - our Center of Expert Knowledge that shapes the future of risk modelling and data analysis in Poland. Our ambition is to build an innovative community focused on risk and keep up the position of the top employer on the Warsaw labour market.

Find out more about us: https://ingtechpoland.com


Lion's Den ING Risk Modelling Challenge is a two-day online event. You'll start off the day with an inspiring keynote presentation from top experts in Risk Management, followed by a hands-on workshop to get you ready to jump in feet first. You'll learn about how climate change affects risk management, and what to look out for. After the workshop, you'll have time until midnight to complete your challenge submissions. Your work will be supported by expert mentors from ING Bank Śląski & ING Tech Poland.

On day two, you'll learn to pitch your solutions in workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions with expert coaches from ING Bank Śląski & ING Tech Poland.

In the afternoon, the top 6 teams from the event round, will have the opportunity to pitch to our jury and win prizes equivalent to 27 000 PLN.

Channel your inner lion and find out what it means to be lionhearted at ING Bank Śląski & ING Tech Poland.

Sign up now!

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