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Dotnetos Conference 2020

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Warsaw Marriott Hotel Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, warsaw
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Od 1 paź 6:00 do 2 paź 16:00
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Two-day conference focused on .NET performance! Both international and Polish speakers (all sessions in English). Chance to meet well-known people from .NET performance area in person. Great food and beverages. Last but not least, great networking opportunity!

When more details will be published?

Full agenda will be published around mid-August. There will be guests from abroad, as well as well-known Polish speakers.

How will the meeting look?

This is a two day conference with around one-hour talks. Of course, there will be time for breaks with some nice food and beverages, including dinner. Then less official part comes in the evening to have conversations in more relaxed atmosphere!

What will be presented there?

Detailed agenda is to come. But be prepared for low-level, yet still practical knowledge about JIT, Garbage Collection, memory usage, unsafe code, benchmarking, and so on, and so forth.

In what language will the talks be given?

All talks, including those from Polish speakers, will be given in English. This is by design international conference!

Who we are?

Dotnetos is an initiative of three .NET fans. We love this technology and we love performance. We love to get deep into how it works. And we love to share the knowledge we gain. We organize tours, conferences (both public and on-site) and trainings. Contact us if you or your company are interested!

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