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DevOpsDays Poznań 2020

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Iglica, Wejście Wschodnie MTP ul Głogowska 14, poznań
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Od 18 maj 7:00 do 19 maj 16:00
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Od 128,01 zł

DevOpsDays is coming to Poznań!

On behalf of the organizers, a group of professionals from various IT companies located in Poznań, we are happy to invite you to DevOpsDays conference, a well-known worldwide initiative, happening for the first time in our city.

DevOpsDays is a self-organizing conference for enthusiastic practitioners. It will be held in Poznan's International Fair, Iglica (https://poznancongresscenter.pl/sale-konferencyjne/) in the very center of the city of Poznań. The venue is about 20 min ride by cab from the Poznań Airport and about 5 min walk from Poznań Main Train Station.

The topics presented in the DevOpsDays include but are not limited to: DevOps methodology practice, SRE tooling and practice, container scheduler platforms, cloud native tooling, public cloud platforms, monitoring and management systems. We hope to sustain a healthy balance between the cultural aspects of DevOps practice and highly technical ones. Additionally to the main talks we, plan to host lightning talk sessions and an open space.

URL: https://www.devopsdays.org/events/2020-poznan/

Agenda: https://www.devopsdays.org/events/2020-poznan/program/

Don't forget to check out our social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DevOpsPoznan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/devopsdayspoz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/devopsdayspoznan

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Dołącz do wydarzenia
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  DevOpsDays Poznań 2020
1 kwietnia 2021 128,01 zł