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cross-platform X WRO #2

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Callstack Rybacka 7, Wrocław
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Od 7 lis 18:00 do 7 lis 21:00

Cross-Platform Meetup is focusing on bringing great discussions about various technologies. So if you are building or working on something that you would want to share or if you would like to learn something new feel free to join us.

Some of the technologies that we are interested in:
- Kotlin
- React / React Native
- Vue / Vue Native
- ReasonML
- Flutter
- Swift
- JavaScript - etc.


18:30 Mike Grabowski & Ferran Negre
"What's new for React after React Conf?"
Lot of new exciting announcements are coming to React after the official React Conf that is happening in Las Vegas on October. Do you want to know what happened there? Let's have a sneak peek as introduction to the meetup!

18:50 Radek Pietruszewski
"Digging deeper into WatermelonDB 🍉"


19:30 Szymon Korzeniowski
"Adding Web to the Cross-Platform Equation - ReactXP and React Native for Web"

20:00 Pizza & networking 

We're looking for speakers, feel free to send your talk proposal!
Want to co-organize a cross-platform meetup with us?
Contact us at meetup@callstack.com!

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cross-platformXWRO #2 Meetup
Rybacka 7 Wrocław
III piętro
Callstack Office

cross-platformXWRO #2 Meetup
Rybacka 7 Wrocław
III piętro
Callstack Office

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