10x Architecture with Cloud, Microsevices and AI with Andrew Gasparovic

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Sabre Polska office, Buma Square Wadowicka 6D, Krakow
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Od 29 paź 18:00 do 29 paź 18:00

Join us for 10x Architecture with Cloud, Microsevices and AI meetup with Andrew Gasparovic.

When it comes to scaling transaction volumes, building globally-distributed services, or integrating machine learning, simple wins. But how do you simplify a system that's already running? And how do you keep a simple one from becoming complicated? Andrew will share some tips he's learned building ultra-large-scale systems and talk about how Sabre is designing for 10x growth.

About Andrew:

Andrew Gasparovic is Vice President and Chief Architect of Sabre Labs, where he helps design the software that powers the travel industry of tomorrow. Prior to joining Sabre, he led engineering teams at Google building infrastructure for distributed storage, machine learning, and personal data. A long-time fan of travel technology, Andrew was previously responsible for the architecture of ITA Software's airline reservation system and SynXis Corporation's hotel reservation system.

Andrew lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife. Originally from Albany, New York, Andrew received a Bachelor of Science from Boston University. He's also an instrument-rated pilot who loves flying throughout the US and abroad.

About the event:

🔹 We will serve snacks and beverages
🔹 Please Note: Photography and Videoing will take place during this event. If you do not wish to be featured please speak to one of our team members.
🔹 The event will be held in English

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