21st Century Skills for Global Students: Kraków Online Workshops 

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21st Century Skills for Global Students: Kraków Online Workshops

Bold visions take strategic planning, dedicated sustained effort, and a culture of achievement. The WorldLINK Foundation's vision could not be bolder--to mentor the people who will shape our future into a just world. This seminar introduces students to a collection of mentors with international expertise in a multitude of fields. This seminar can be experienced on this one day, or this could be the beginning of a sustained relationship that leads students to a leadership certificate.

Opening session: Strengthening Academic Engagement (11:00 - 12:00 CEST)

Moderator: Don Allen, artistic director of English Touring Company

Part 1: Silver Lining Prospecting: Finding and Using Optimism in Times of Crisis

Using Ian's decades of leadership training and facilitation experience, and his penchant for all things positive, he will take students through his process to find optimism in these uncertain times. While not advocating for blind positivity, Ian instead gives practical tools on how we can change our thought patterns and become leaders in our schools and communities. Heartfelt personal stories, daily practices and useful tools can create a life of happiness and energy. His stories will keep you engaged and give you lots to think about in how you face your days ahead.

Host: Ian Tyson

One of North America's top inspirational speakers has worked extensively with conference and educational clients about teaching optimism, resilience and kindness. Ian's book, "Hooray For Everything! The Optimist Manifesto" is an insightful collection of stories, rants and ideas about finding and keeping positivity.

Part 2: The Three Stories every Technologist Should Know

Join us in an uplifting, emotionally energetic opening that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. Patrick will take you through three short and powerful stories. Each one will be followed by a short practice and a final message to drive the story further home. Fasten your seat belts, put on your helmets and enjoy the ride.

Host: Patrick Kozakiewicz

Patrick is an entrepreneur, starting several businesses and traveling, physically and virtually, around the world, teaching tens of thousands of individuals. He consults with other international companies and institutions, co-runs a YouTube channel called, "The Present Show," with his buddy Lele and has recently created an online badging course called, "Explorations in Mindfulness" in partnership with the University of Oxford.

Part 3: 'Alina! I want to fly back to Canada again!': the uniqueness of impact of Canada Study Tour Leadership Program on the life of a global student

Are you dreaming about studying in North America? Have you already heard that Canadians are the nicest people in the world? If yes, have you also wondered why it might be true?

Based on both the experiences of the young participants of Canada Study Tour and my own experiences of travelling between Europe and Canada, the short presentation will present some of the secrets of leadership of the heart in Canada and show you the way we should try to learn from the bests, challenge ourselves to start working on our mental health to impact people positively as every day is the unique opportunity to change someone else's life!

Host: Alina Deja-Grygierczyk

A passionate Canadianist with Polish roots. Currently lives with her husband and son in Berlin where she enjoys the German cultural diversity and shares the Canadian values, the founder of Polish Academy of Canada where her mission is to inspire and empower today's young Europeans to leave a positive impact on our world through their involvement in leadership exchanges; dedicates herself to strengthening EU-Canada bilateral relations, by developing multilateral applied educational projects in areas of common interest for both Europe and Canada, the recipient of Competitive Government of Canada Program Grant and EU-Canada Study Tour Thinking Tour, studied the EU - Canada bilateral relations in such prominent institutions as the European Parliament, European Council, European Commission, European Court of Justice, and the Canadian Mission to the European Union, as well as many think tanks and NGOs

Opening workshop: Redefining Education: a Global Common Good?

Who are better placed than the WorldLINK Foundation and its partners to speak about global education and lessons learned? I am very glad we found a selection of great educators and trainers prepared to speak to you about their lessons learned over the past 25 years. The session provides an opportunity to review the objectives of the Strengthening Academic Engagement workshop and allows the participants to briefly discuss what they see in order to ensure that the entire training event runs smoothly. I will explain to you how we should rethink and reimagine global education to meet the challenges of a highly uncertain future.


Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska

Executive Director and Founder of WorldLINK Foundation (Poland); Deputy Head School Engagements of PACK Schools, International Baccalaureate Teacher, Alumna of the Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program at Nebraska University with the U. S. State Department, Ambassador of English Teaching Program in Poland, Vice-president of the Alumni Association, participated in an outstanding program Vital Voices Chapter of Poland, received the scholarship for the most promising social leader of the 14th Edition of the Academy of Young Diplomats, awarded the Medal of the Commission of Polish National Education and the European Language Label certificate for her service. A global education and travel zealot.

Mamta Kanti Kumar

A highly qualified teacher, her subject expertise is Geography; holds the post of Deputy Dean Student Welfare, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon; has piloted and been involved with a number of national and international projects; has written and submitted units, i.e. for class XII Geography - CBSE - international Syllabus Text Book, was awarded a fellowship for the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) - a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, implemented by IREX in 2010; with fellow collaborators from Poland and USA were awarded TEA-ILEP Alumni Small Grants; edited a book of short stories - The Power of International Stories: Coming of Age in the Global Village. Powerful in mind and heart.

Introduction to workshops:

While the introductory sessions provide a landscape photography overview of optimism, mindfulness, and global education, the workshops provide opportunities for smaller groups to interact with and learn from mentor teachers. Consider these a zoom lens into a topic prepared by educators who have shaped their presentations to awaken in you a desire to think more deeply about who you want to be, what your purpose will be, and why you want to do it. They seek to add value to your life.

Session 1A: IMB! - "It's My Business!"(12:15 - 13:15 CEST)

The "It's My Business!" workshop will positively motivate participants to take responsibility as a team, negotiating ways to solve problems decisively, fix conflicts under pressure within time constraints and maintain flexibility under strong leadership.

It has been designed to encourage openness and collaboration between students, to allow them to discover a sense of fun and adventure within the work environment.

There will be challenges and difficult situations to face but the workshop will also take participants back to basics and allow everyone to build in confidence.

Soft skills are sometimes referred to as transferable skills or professional skills. As this term implies, these are skills that are less specialised, less rooted in specific vocations and more aligned with the general disposition and personality of a person. Soft skills relate to your attitudes and your intuitions! They are less about your qualifications and more about your personality!

Link to a video about the workshop: http://englishtouringtheatrecompany.com/wrl/

Host: Don Allen

Don trained as an actor and has been continuously working in theatre, TV and film for more than 25 years.

His first short film received a short-list nomination, and he has moved forward directing and producing two feature films, "Three Minute Moments" and "K" starring Tamer Hassan and Colin Salmon. Don co-directed a multimedia project at London's BFI with Cannes Palme d'Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Now based in Poland, he is the artistic director of the "English Touring Theatre Company" performing all over Poland and delivering acting workshops. He is also about to launch a series of videos to help people learn English called 'LET drama'! All details can be found at: theETTC.com

Session 1B: How to motivate anyone to do (almost) anything? (12:15 - 13:15 CEST)

If you want to motivate yourself to do something you have always wanted, try this evidence-based method. 6 steps take an average of 7 minutes. These simple steps can help you achieve your goals. Research shows that you can increase your motivation and take actions even by 250%. My experience shows that anyone I work with the method achieves their goals. I will show and lead you through the steps, so please be ready with your goals--at least one :) Be ready to write it down on paper. It will be much more effective for you.

Host: Agnieszka Maruda-Sperczak

Business Trainer, mentor for leaders and teams, ICF Coach, inspirational speaker, Reiss Motivation Profile Master, Master NLP, mentor, consultant and first trainer of the Instant Influence method in Poland trained by Dr. Michael Pantalon himself.

Session 2A: The Art of Balance (14:00 - 15:00 CEST)

The 'Art of Balance' session has been designed for the students to understand and discuss the internal and external elements in life that require equilibrium for a more purposeful life.

This session will aim at the students discovering and incorporating this fine art of life balance using practices such as mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Our goal is that at the end of this session, students should feel more motivated & equipped to lead a well-balanced life despite the COVID-19 disruption. It will help them relax and consciously make the right personal, academic and professional choices leading to a bright future.

Host: Natasha Sharma

A life coach who helps students lead a stress-free, aware and balanced life through simple, practical tools. Her life's calling is to see the young minds blossom into happy, relaxed and successful adults.

Natasha is an MBA graduate from University of Leicester, UK and holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology. She has travelled across the globe and keenly observed the life challenges that people from diverse backgrounds face in day-to-day life. Coming from a family of academics running educational institutions and now being a mother of two, she has closely interacted with students of various age groups. She sincerely believes that the students need to start early to be proficient at balancing their personal, academic and professional life with ease. For this purpose, she offers a wide range of programs and services from individual sessions and webinars to keynote speeches.

Session 2B: Mindfulness in Education - From Theory to Practice (14:00 - 15:00 CEST)

There is a growing phenomenon across the globe when it comes to mindfulness. This is seen in corporations, hospitals, militaries and yes, education. There are more students and educators practicing, and more mindfulness programs and case studies than ever before. During this workshop we will discuss what all this hype is about? What is mindfulness and what it is not and what role, if any should it have in education? And before we make our conclusions, we will also spend plenty of time practicing and experiencing what mindfulness is all about.

Host: Patrick Kozakiewicz

Patrick is an entrepreneur, starting several businesses and traveling, physically and virtually, around the world, teaching tens of thousands of individuals. He consults with other international companies and institutions, co-runs a YouTube channel called, "The Present Show," with his buddy Lele and has recently created an online badging course called, "Explorations in Mindfulness" in partnership with the University of Oxford.

Session 3: Realistic Hope in a Fact-Based Future (15:15 - 16:15 CEST)

Is the future getting better or getting worse? How should we frame this question? In light of global pandemics and government lockdowns, the answer seems both ominous and obvious; however, an introduction to Hans Rosling's data-driven research and refreshing approach offer real tools to cleanse our misconceptions.

His perspective equips with tools to determine truth and to face the future with hope.

Participants will first take an anonymous self-assessment to evaluate their worldview.

Then participants will be introduced to Rosling's Factfulness tools, which are designed to enable students to determine truth in a world of conflicting and sensationalized information.

Host: Allyson Daly

Ms. Daly's childhood living in Japan, Korea, Panama, Germany and five U. S. States shaped her worldview to be adaptable and curious. As an educator, she is known for challenging students to give their best while supporting their efforts to do so. With two decades of experience in multiple learning contexts, she is currently an English instructor at Wayne Community College (WCC). She is a Global Education Leader with UNC-CH World View and is proud to be part of a team who is bringing the North Carolina Scholars of Global Distinction Program to WCC in the fall of 2020. She is also an Ambassador for the Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms and an alumni of the Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program with the U. S. State Department. She has received many nominations and awards for her teaching and was selected the 2014-15 Wayne County Teacher of the Year.

Session 4: Mixed Reality in a Global Classroom (16:30 - 17:15 CEST)

In this 45-minute presentation, I will dive into the world of virtual and augmented reality. I will discuss products on the market and show some videos that display their amazing capabilities. I will show how they are currently being used in classrooms in high schools, universities, and medical schools. I will conclude with showing how they can contribute to learning in a global classroom.

Host: David Holley

Works at the Technology Department at Pompano Beach High School. David Holley was born and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida. He attended Florida Atlantic University for both his Bachelors and Masters in Computer Engineering. He worked at Nortel Networks as an engineer for 3 years.

Closing session for students 14+ and their parents: Global Student: a NewFound Reality-Be ONE! (17:30 - 18:00 CEST)

Live questions and answers will be the ideal educational and global forum in which students and their parents will have an opportunity to foster discussion and share knowledge, exchange ideas and interact directly with WorldLINK Foundation speakers in real-time.

Participants will be provided with enough time and opportunity to self-reflect and have their questions answered.

As a token of thanks, our speakers will choose one lucky participant for an exclusive individual session with one of the best speakers in Canada Ian Tyson.

Moderator: Don Allen

Participants: Allyson Daly, Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska, Mamta Kanti Kumar, Aleksander Pikulski, Natasha Sharma

ABOUT e-PASSPORT for Global Student

The WorldLINK Foundation with its Global Partners have especially prepared an e-PASSPORT for Global Students.

An e-passport provides access to specialized content that has been recorded so that students may access it at their convenience.

E-passports transport students to countries and mentors they would not be able to learn from otherwise.

The first e-passport will allow students access to two special international collaborations:

The Malpi International School in Nepal's amazing musical play and a recorded session: "Can We Do away with Values?" by Fulbright Scholar Mamta Kanti Kumar.

Digital University supplies e-passport with their Beyond 2030 report for students who are interested in business.

Don Allen - has delivered soft skills, confidence building, presentation skills and acting workshops in UK, USA, Poland and Germany. Founder of the English Touring Theatre Company, based in Poland.

Last, but not the least, each participant receives a one month access to Treesk technology skills platform.

This platform was created as a modern form of efficient communication between lawyers and clients; however, it also has tremendous value in the educational realm as well.

With Treesk, you can design a single page intelligent document out of any extensive text. It can also be used in education to personalise learning plans and global communication.

It was created by a team of prominent Polish lawyers with international experience in international law firms like White & Case or Allen & Overy. (https://treesk.pl/en/)

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