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Many people can (or at least at some point, have to) speak on a stage—but few become truly great at it. They say "Nobody is born a hero," but the age of TED is upon us—and now we're all playing in the big leagues. Public speaking is no longer only about delivering a speech—it's about creating an experience, embracing your truth, taking the audience on an adventure, and carving a lasting memory into their minds.

In this session, we're digging deep, to the bottom of public speaking and effective communication at its core. What's it really all about? How can we tap into those magic qualities, those differentiators that take us from good to "amazing?" Hint: It's not about minimizing an accent, perfecting grammar, memorizing every word, or using cutting-edge effects or technology.

Whether you're talking in front of 40,000 people, or 40 (… or 4)—the root questions are the same:

  • What are you really trying to say, and how can you communicate it to your audience in the way you'd talk to a friend?
  • Who are you, and how do you stay true to yourself with a room full of onlookers making you nervous?
  • Above all: How do you find the strength to embrace your uniqueness, and leverage it to bring your presentation skills to the next level?

On some level, we all want to be great speakers. Here's how we make that really happen. No textbooks, no recipes, no magic fixes. The journey is long and winding—let Emilia be your guide.


Emilia is a communications professional specializing in speaker coaching, training design and development, and written content creation and strategy. She regularly collaborates with clients like Cisco, Jagiellonian U, TEDxKrakow, F/up Nights, Design Thinking Week, and has happy clients all over the globe.


Aon Empowering Talks are a series of inspiring lectures which will explore topics connected with businesses that Aon operates around and matters that we care about.


Aon's Office

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Tuesday, 09.07.2019, 18:30

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