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Let's DAZN IT! Vol 4. - A Product culture for global disruption

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Spencer Bistro & Cafe, Filharmonia Śląska Sokolska 2, katowice
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Od 23 wrz 18:00 do 23 wrz 21:00

Let's DAZN IT! Vol 4. - A Product culture for global disruption
Termin meetupu: 23.09.2019, godzina: 18:00

Let's DAZN IT! to cykl spotkań poświęconych różnorodnym zagadnieniom z obszaru programowania oraz szeroko pojętej dziedziny informatyki. Prowadzone przez profesjonalistów tworzących DAZN dla profesjonalistów, lecz także dla osób głodnych merytorycznych branżowych informacji. Czeka na Was możliwość spotkania świetnych ludzi, coś na ząb, gorąca dyskusja, a także integracja!

Czwarta edycja meetupu Let's DAZN IT odbędzie się już 23go września. W przeciwieństwie do poprzednich edycji, w których prezentowaliśmy tematy przygotowane przez naszych programistów (Lovefield DB, Micro-Frontends oraz Gherkin), tym razem nasze wydarzenie kierujemy przede wszystkim do osób zainteresowanych zarządzeniem produktem. Zapraszamy Was na spotkanie z zespołem produktowym odpowiedzialnym za aplikację DAZN na platformach mobilnych, cieszącą się tytułem "najbardziej dochodowej aplikacji sportowej maja 2019".

📅 23.09.2019
O której?
🕐 18:00
📍 Spencer Bistro & Cafe, Filharmonia Śląska, Sokolska 2, 40-081 Katowice

➡ Wydarzenie jest bezpłatne, lecz liczba miejsc jest ograniczona

👨🏻💻 Natalia Jarawka, Senior Product Manager - Mobile&Discovery @ DAZN
💬 Natalia has been working at DAZN for over two years, leading teams responsible for building the iOS and Android mobile apps, here in Katowice. Previously she gained experience in different areas, such as journalism, public relations and finance, but has focused on the Product Manger role during the last few years. One of her biggest passions is sport. For 13 years she was a successful professional runner, which also enabled her to graduate from University in USA on an athletic scholarship.

📣 Cultural differences in international business
🗣 Prezentacja w języku polskim

💬 Topics include:

  • How cultural differences shape the way we do business
  • How different cultures can successfully coexist next to each other and work on a daily basis?
  • Cultural differences in DAZN and how we tackle them?
  • Why cultural awareness is important?

👨🏻💻 Mujahid Ali, Head of Product - Mobile @ DAZN
💬 Muj is a user-focussed, data-driven Head of Product at DAZN. He specialises in the inception and execution of complex, high impact, consumer facing products for both start-ups and established organisations. In his previous experience he set up his own design agency for the restaurant industry, built his own app start-ups, worked in the Barclays Bank innovation team and worked for two well funded online video start-ups. This has led him to have a passion for all things Tech, Apps, Product Management and Design.

Muj joined DAZN from the date they launched in Germany (2016) and the team has grown from 50 people when he joined, to 2000+ employees going into 9 territories. Muj is now focused on taking the mobile strategy to the next level for DAZN and has led the teams to launch award winning iOS and Android apps, which have been showcased on the biggest stages at Apple and Google developer conferences!

📣 Product Design Sprints - Figure out what to build in 5 days!
🗣 Prezentacja w języku angielskim

💬 DAZN has experienced rapid growth over the last 3 years and working in the product team at DAZN is a fast paced environment, which requires kicking off ideas at speed! Failing fast and learning fast is key to ensuring that there is no wasted dev effort.

Here's where design sprints can help with this learning curve. Design Sprints were a term coined by Google to use a set of methods to bring an idea to life in a matter of days.

Drawing on his work at DAZN, Barclays Bank - Innovation Team, and various start-ups, Muj will be discussing ways to kick off and ideate projects, by bringing people together to create an awesome product!

Topics include:

  • How to run design sprints?
  • What methods can be used during the design sprint?
  • How to get everyone together to ideate a project?
  • Benefits and limitations of this approach

👨🏻💻 David Berlin, VP of Product - Engagement, Mobile and Internal Tools @ DAZN
💬 David is a founding team member of DAZN, the world's first pure sport OTT streaming service. He has led the design and delivery of the browse interface across all platforms from day one of the project. David's DAZN mobile teams were named one of the Best Developers of 2017 and at WWDC 2019 by Apple and included in the Best of 2018 at Google Playtime. So far, the DAZN app has been number 1 in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Italy, Spain, Brazil and the US. Within three years from launch, DAZN has become the highest valued startup in the UK and has gone from 0 to millions of paying subscribers across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Italy, US, Spain and Brazil.

📣 How we do Product at DAZN - Agile approaches and working backwards
🗣 Prezentacja w języku angielskim

💬 In July 2015, DAZN stole department heads from Amazon, Spotify and the BBC to found their Product team.

Amongst other tournaments, we had bought exclusive rights to the 2016/17 English Premier League in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and needed to build an app in one year, to be able to stream the matches on around 20 platforms (it took Netflix 7 years to support that many devices!).

So how did we set ourselves up to attempt such a crazily ambitious goal?

We've tried to blend the best approaches from each of our previous organisations to enable our Product team to deliver what users want, at scale and with pace.

Come find out about the Product best practices DAZN used to hit that initial deadline, then go from zero to many millions of users in 9 countries within 3 years of launch.

Topics include:

  • Working backwards
  • PRFAQs
  • Product lifecycle phases
  • BDD & Gherkin

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  Let's DAZN IT! Vol 4. - A Product culture for global disruption
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