ISM - 8 Weeks A Life-Changing Opportunity with Master Yu & SooJin (eng-pl)

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Od 19 lip 8:00 do 6 wrz 11:30
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Inner Space Journey ISM Integral Somatic Method

ISM Integral Somatic Method

Every Sunday 19.07 - 06.09 | 8.00-11.30
Meetings in English with Polish translation

ISM invites us through a three-fold approach, which involves:

  • ISM Methodology (Integral Somatic Method) for your resolution at the very life moment.
  • ISM Meditation (Inner Space Meditation) into Wholeness; Inner Space of Being.
  • Inner Spirituality (Personal Sovereignty), which is foundation genuine well of being in all dimension.

Yes! it's about having full awareness into Inner Space and its guidance and support, through the enlightened body, awakened heart and clarified inner vision based on the law of universe and its energy principles.

As a result of ISM practice, we re-create our life, our world with the most important gifts; penetrating insights, creative energy, the driving force and power to what you envision toward the greatest potential who we are, who you are!

ISM practice guides you to feel, see, know and live your essence as you realign with the true creatorship, mastership and leadership over your body, heart/mind, life and your world. And it is possible to describe some of the attributes of what it's like to live in a state where you never lose the presence of Inner Space and its support, guidance and full partnership

The 8 Week ISM Body/Soul Training online course is a unique 'signature course' created by Master Yu & SooJin. It is designed to save you time and effort and help propel your transformation into Inner Space unlike anything you might have tried before. This course offers an excellent opportunity to work with Master Yu & SooJin's support and guidance, along with the 3 folds approach of personally prescribed ISM Practice to accelerate your journey of full integration mental, emotional, spiritual and physical in all dimensions.

The 8 week online course will take you into places inside yourself that is impossible to access with positive or wishful thinking...

During the course Master Yu identify the precise thought patterns and beliefs that are repressed in your energy system and give you clear instructions on how you can work with transforming what is unconscious in your energy into the light of Inner Space.

• Detoxify your body of many layers of repressed thought patterns and beliefs
• Break through collective conditionings
• Transform generations of emotional baggage

• Experiential clarity how each person and situation have contributed to your growth
• Find your inner strength authentic voice
• Experience a profound changes
• Expand your consciousness
• Living your full partnership with your Inner Space and manifest the shifts in consciousness in your daily life

The practical classes connected with individual sessions with the participants of the meeting.

Sundao; ISM - Master Yu Jae-Sheen

Attract more than you can imagine to your life. Replace stress and restraints with true joy and possibilities. Remove the pain and resistance, and making yourself free from the past. Wake up your inner power and the light of consciousness. Gain physical power, mental force and unlimited energy.

Discover Sundao; ISM - that is: a complex method of improving your body, mind and spirit.

You do not have to travel halfway around the world in order to practise Sundao; ISM with Master Yu himself!

Master Yu Jae-Sheen - the most innovative and dynamic teacher of meditation and the co-founder of ISM method will conduct online seminars for the first time.

The seminar program is designed so that you can get all the necessary knowledge without leaving your home. All you need is a little space, comfortable clothing, a mat and a pillow for meditation.

Under practical guidance of Master Yu, you will experience the highest vibrations and open yourself for the abundance of the world. You will start making use of your potential which will bring fruits in the form of real changes in your professional and private life. You will learn how to shape your thoughts and beliefs in a way that will guide you towards full health and happiness

Want to start living a full life?

Enroll yourself!

The meeting accounts 28 hours for the Certification of Sundao; ISM facilitator.*

*This certification requires minimum 40 hours of annual CEU (continuing education units) training with Master Yu.

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