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Emerging Founders: Think Global - Wroclaw edition

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Basecamp Wrocław Henryka Sienkiewicza 18/22, Wrocław
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Od 26 cze 17:00 do 26 cze 21:00
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Od 99,99 zł

🎉 Welcome to the #EmergingFounders Think Global event in Wroclaw, where inventive minds connect with seasoned professionals. Be ready to explore what you need to think of while getting ready to expand globally. Don't miss out the most practical event on scaling your startup internationally!

📆 Wednesday, June 26th, 2024, 5:00 PM at BaseCamp in Wroclaw!

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🌏 Expanding your company to the international stage is a significant undertaking, and few entrepreneurs have managed to elevate their businesses from local startups to international powerhouses. Across the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and South-Eastern Europe (SEE) regions, we encounter similar hurdles in our quest to expand globally. Now is the moment to unite and overcome these challenges!

⭐ Emerging Founders: Think Global offers a special chance to get hands-on help and tips from well-known experts in important fields for successful global growth. We will delve into the most effective strategies and the difficulties faced while expanding business beyond national boundaries and into new regions. You will acquire knowledge from successful entrepreneurs who have taken their companies to the international stage and understand how to tailor their business approaches to various audiences and situations.

🚀 Additionally, you'll get the chance to participate in an interactive workshop, working closely in small teams with one of our mentors on a subject you select. You'll receive constructive feedback, direction, and perspectives from your mentor as well as fellow participants, leading up to a final presentation of your main takeaways to the whole assembly at the end.

🤝 Join us in building a diverse community that showcases the wide array of talent from the CEE region and further afield. Connect with other founders and co-founders who have expertise in scaling businesses, and seize the chance to learn, develop, and prosper.

🧩No matter if you're at the beginning stages or already seasoned with international ventures, this event has valuable insights for all entrepreneurs on their startup path. Save the date and secure your place now to discover the keys to successful worldwide growth!

Fireside Talk:

🎤 Bartosz Majewski - co-owner of Casbeg
Topic: "Discover the stories behind the Bartosz's book "101 Techniques for Managers""

Confirmed Keynotes:

🎤 Margaret Sikora - CEO at
Topic: "Leveraging KPIs for Effective Change Management: When to Scale Up, Scale Down, or Terminate Projects"

🎤 Piotr Orzechowski - CEO at Infermedica
Topic: "Scaling up your startup: lessons learned"

🎤 Krzysztof Szyszkiewicz - Partner in Valueships
Topic: "Scalable pricing: How to price to win international markets and not leave money on the table"

Confirmed experts for round-table workshops

🎤 Pawel Kobusiński - CEO at GetSales
Topic: "Pit stop for your sales. How to fuel up leads, pimp your CRM and get the sales process going smoothly?"

🎤 Margaret Sikora - CEO at
Topic: "Leveraging KPIs for Effective Change Management: When to Scale Up, Scale Down, or Terminate Projects"

🎤 Katarzyna Can - Hola HR Founder, People & Culture Strategy Advisor
Topic: "EQ Leadership"

🎤 Alek Cierniewski - CEO of Automation First Business
Topic: "Automation First Mindset as a way to rapid scaling and operational excellence"

🎤 Bartek Postek - CEO Hanza Cofounders as a Service
Topic: "New trends for startup founders in "post-infinitive growth" era"

🎤 Stephen Burke - Co-founder and CEO at KARDI AI
Topic: "The founder's guide to exits: strategies for successful acquisition"

🎤 Maciej Zawadzinski - Partner at Hard2beat
Topic: "Bootstrap or VC funding"

🎤 Krzysztof Szyszkiewicz - Partner in Valueships
Topic: "Scalable pricing: How to price to win international markets and not leave money on the table"


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Emerging Founders: Think Global is not just an opportunity to network with other founders. It's foremost a chance to find tested solutions to your burning problems. This isn't your average conference; it's the community you've been looking for.

Join us on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024, 5.00PM at BaseCamp in Wroclaw!

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