Industralization Potential of Optics in Biomedicine i-POB by POB

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Copernicus Science Centre ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, Warsaw
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Od 7 paź 8:30 do 8 paź 15:00
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Od 100,00 zł
The conference will be focused on the past, current and the future developments of optical biomedical imaging techniques. The program of the i-POB conference will provide R&D companies with an opportunity to share the experience and tribulations of taking a new discovery to the market with researchers that are successful in in the process of implementing new technologies. The event will include opportunities for interaction between, scientist, innovators and entrepreneurs, including education on how to successfully run R&D projects, start the company and enter to the global market. The meeting will be especially instructive for junior researchers and inventors interested in the development of novel imaging technologies.
In vivo Optical Biomedical Imaging: Optical Coherence Tomography and Microscopy, Holographic Microscopy, Fluorescence Imaging
- Technology
- Applications
- Industrialization

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6 Października 2020, 23:59 150,00 zł
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