hubraum meetup: Brain Computer Interfaces

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Hubraum Krakow Przemys艂owa 12, Krak贸w
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Od 17 lip 18:00 do 17 lip 21:00

Imagine a world where you could control objects with nothing but the power of your mind 馃.

This might sound like a science-fiction movie but with work connected to brain-computer interfaces being carried out, this seemingly made-up world is fast becoming a reality. Interfaces that directly use the brain's activity are already employed in the healthcare or entertainment sectors.

Join hubraum meetup in Krakow and harness expert knowledge on brain-computer interactions and what the possibilities of this futuristic technology might be.

Save the date: 17th July for your chance to participate. We won't just be holding a meetup, but also a hubraum hackathon: Brain Computer Interfaces on 27 July. For more details, click here: t

See you soon at hubraum Krakow!

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  hubraum meetup: Brain Computer Interfaces
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