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2020 on Vision Board

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Punkt Pełni Ptasia 2/48, warszawa
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Od 28 sty 16:30 do 28 sty 19:30

Have you made plans for 2020 ❓

Do you know what you are dreaming about for 2020 ❓ 

Are your plans written down or they are still in your head only❓ 

Have you told anyone about them ❓ 

And how about putting your vision for 2020 on a VISION BOARD ❓❓❓

VISION BOARD is a powerful tool to present your intentions, your dreams and plans. It uses visualisation. And VISUALISATION WORKS for many people. Are you one of them?

You will first think about:

📍 How you want to feel at the end of 2020

📍 Who you want to be

📍 What exactly do you want to do 

📍 Your intention for 2020

And than you will put your thoughts on A3 PAPER using pictures, drawings, markers etc.


When you put your plans on paper and you actually do it with our own hands. you help them stay longer in your memory. When you know what is important the ROLE of Vision Board is only to REMIND you about that, PRIORITISE things and MOTIVATE you to do the right things. 

💥 And when you know what you want to achieve, you will find a way to pursue it! 💥

Give yourself a gift. Find some time for yourself and your thoughts.
Come, spend nice time with others, socialise. Take your partner, spouse or friend with you.

Yes, everyone is welcome. Especially if you like international environment
Paper, magazines, markers, crayons, glues etc., healthy snacks
⭐️WHAT SHALL YOU BRING?                                                                                                                                                                               Pictures of your closed ones, family, friends

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