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What is the workshop about:

What do we mean when we talk about designing experiences? Is it the moment of purchasing? The so-called moment of truth - when a customer encounters a problem and recovers from it? Or is there perhaps a different way to look at what experience is about...

What we have realized working with multiple companies throughout the years is that experience is really a memory, combined with an emotional imprint - a reflection on something we went through. Ultimately, it is a story we keep alive within us. Understanding what narratives are at work for people is fundamental to understanding how to shift their perspective--how to best design an experience for them. Designing narratives to invite a particular emotional shift is key to creating experiences that move and transform people. Awareness of narrative is a core toolkit to strengthen experience design. In this workshop, we will raise your awareness of narrative, expose the terms and tools for crafting captivating narrative, and guide working sessions to relate narrative back to customizing experience--before, during, and after customer interaction for stronger loyalty, trust, and compelling memories. After this workshop you will be able to design a complete, emotionally strong narrative that will give your brand a chance to generate positive experience for its customers.

In more detail, you will learn:

  • To awaken your own narrative skills
  • To understand and use the story substructure
  • Different tools for building a story
  • Applying narrative to experience design 
Workshop leader:

Jericca Cleland csc

Director | Writer | Cinematographer

Jericca Cleland developed her filmmaking skills in the story-centric environment of Pixar Animation Studios where she designed filming and staging for the popular and award-winning feature films Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2. Since then, she has worked in various capacities both independently and for other major studios, including Sony Pictures Animation, Aardman Animations, and Walt Disney Animation. Other collaborators and clients include Cartoon Saloon, Warner Brothers, Legendary Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Games, Psyop and Oculus Studios. Jericca is a co-owner and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of the Oscar-nominated animation studio Nørlum, where she writes, directs, and oversees slate development and all special projects. Nørlum co-produced the award-winning 2D animated feature films 'Song of the Sea' and 'Long Way North' and was one of two studios to produce season one of Disney's TV series 'Big Hero 6'. 

As another facet of her professional work, Jericca is a dedicated teacher and sought-after guest lecturer, often traveling to present master classes and lectures. These opportunities have taken her across Europe and North America and as well as to distant China and Peru. She also sits on the educational board of the highly-respected art school The Animation Workshop where she mentors the graduation films and teaches story, cinematic design, and visual storytelling.

Cleland is a full and active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Short Film and Feature Animation Branch and an accredited cinematographer with the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.


Workshop support:

Aga Szóstek, PhD |

After working for over 17 years as an experience designer Aga got good knowledge on how to create experience strategy, define and run customer-centric projects, manage design teams and try to change company culture with respect to design. Aga runs a strategic design consultancy UXPlus that has worked with many organizations: from Google, Philips, IKEA and Samsung; banks, insurance companies, ceramics and construction materials manufacturers, to National Parks, governmental organizations and local design centers. For five years she has collaborated with one of the Polish telecoms: Play bringing it from the last to the first position on the market. She has started by introducing Design Thinking to the marketing department, then to the rest of the organization and finally she co-created CX strategy with the Management Board and the selected employees from the company in a participatory way.

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