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Invites you to the workshop "Your Interview"

So how do you relax? That was the first question I got from the hiring manager when I was applying for my dream job in Dubai few years ago. It was totally surprising. Of course, the question was followed by a full competency-based interview, still, I may honestly say I got a 'stage fright' when I heard it. In the end I got the job and that was thanks to my excellent preparation and ability to prove my competences & strengths. Want to learn how to prepare for an interview? Want to know how to present yourself and prove you're best for the job? Join us on 'Your Interview' workshop. Scroll down for more details.


Paulina Maslich & Anna Rząca: 2 experienced trainers who gained knowledge and skills in the international companies in HR, customer service, finance and IT. While managing their teams (also virtually), they have conducted numerous recruitment processes and at the workshop "Your Interview" they will share practical tips from their own experience, both as a recruiter and a recruiting manager.


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Workshop program

Welcome & intro

Part 1: Resourcing process & early groundwork

  • Quick outline of the end-to-end resourcing steps.
  • Where to start with own preparation?
  • How does a good motivation look like?
  • Test your motivation with the hiring manager (your own case study).

Part 2: My Interview

  • What is STARR model?
    Let's practice your own competency-based interview.
  • What are the optional recruitment stages I can go through?
    How to prepare for the interview (mental & self-presentation)?
  • What questions I can expect and which ones I should ask?

Wrap up: Where to look for more information plus your 30-60-90 plan

Your benefits

> You will KNOW

  • How the resourcing process looks like and what you can expect on each stage.
  • What to focus on while scanning job description to prepare most effectively.
  • Which examples are best to reflect the relevant competencies.
  • Why motivation part is crucial in the resourcing process.
  • What are the benefits of networking including LinkedIn to build your professional career.

> You will FEEL

  • Confident that your skills & competencies reflect the needs of the recruiter and the hiring manager.
  • Prepared to choose the best examples and responses for your job interview.
  • Knowledgeable what the best practices are when responding to questions.
  • Comfortable with job interview situation using stress release.

> You will DO

  • Find relevant information in a job posting to prepare successfully.
  • Use the best examples to reflect own strengths during the interview.
  • Construct responses in a clear and convincing way to prove your skills & competencies.
  • Ask the right questions to the potential employer to address your values & needs.
  • Negotiate terms & conditions.
  • Use your network and elevator pitch for potential job opportunities.
Bonuses included in the workshop:
  • Bonus 1: Guide with examples that will help you to understand how questions are formulated depending on the competences and a job you apply for.
  • Bonus 2: Three tips on what to focus on when preparing for an interview, based on the job posting of your preference (for job postings sent before the workshop).
This workshop is for everyone who:
  • is preparing for an interview and would like to get more guidance and best practices;
  • would like to practice and role play own interview in safe environment;
  • seeks feedback on what to improve to be successful during the interview;
  • aims for more self-confidence to demonstrate its best to the recruiters & hiring managers.
  • Duration: 4h
  • Your investment: 
    • Early bird: 225,00 PLN
    • Regular: 249,99 PLN
  • Materials: workbooks
Catering: snacks provided
Find out more about DOTWAY workshops on http://www.dotway.com

You are welcome!


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