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Simplinvest: the First Goal Based Investing Workshop in Kraków

Investing is messy, especially if you are not a professional.

You need to know a lot about different topics: banks, real estate, financial products, insurances.
You need to know who to trust.

Sure, you can go to your "expert" friend, to the bank or to a financial adviser, but in the end none of them will be responsible for your financial choices.

You will have to live with the consequences, especially for the bad ones.

This is a big responsibility to shoulder, especially when you are busy having a life. Working, having hobbies, spending time with your loved ones are important things that takes time, and spending a lot of time to gather the information you need to invest successfully is taking time away from all these activities.
Sure, you can decide not to invest at all, but then you will miss out big gains and you will have to watch your money losing purchasing power year after year, because of the inflation.

How can you know that you, or the person you chose to help you in this area, is making the right choices?

Simplinvest is the answer to this question.

It is an intensive workshop which will give you the basic knowledge you need to have to invest (especially in financial products) and it will help you design a step-by-step investing strategy based on your own life goals.

All of this will be done without using complicated financial jargon. I will make it simple, but not too simple.You don't even need to have a background in finance or previous knowledge about this topic.

You will have some introductory material which will cover the absolute basics before the workshop, and during the workshop, you will see more advanced material and you will discover how to connect your financial (and life) goals to your investment strategy.
At the end of the workshop, you will be able to take financial decisions Independently, avoid very expensive mistakes due to the lack of financial knowledge and you will have a financial plan you designed in place, which will maximize your chance to earn money and making you sleep well at night.

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