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AGILE: Deep Retrospectives. Or from emotions to innovation!

What will be this meetup about?

▶︎ Working with people in tech companies;
▶︎ Leading projects that aim to be innovative;
▶︎ Building tech teams in both startups and corporations.

Who might be interested?

▶︎ AGILE enthusiasts;
▶︎ Project managers;
▶︎ Scrum Masters;
▶︎ People involved in software development;
▶︎ Meetup hikers.

About the speaker:
Dariusz Klupi has 20 years of experience in developing software in Zurich, Hong Kong and now in Symphony Solutions - Kraków, where he leads (mostly) Java team. He's been both - programming and leading teams, making his way from being an engineer to Scrum Master.

More about the event:
Often than not, we like to keep things safe and comfortable because we cannot imagine what treasures are hidden in the shadows. The trainer likes to start the retrospective by checking the emotional footprint of each employee. Yes, feelings at the workplace do matter. Why? Because emotions are the primary gate to a gold mine for human needs, and needs, on the other hand, is a source of inspiration. Isn't there a saying that states that necessity is the mother of invention?

When: July 26, 18:00 - 20:30
Where: Symphony Solutions Krakow office
Fee: free attendance (verification via evenea is obligatory)

Title: Deep Retrospectives. Or from emotions to innovation!
When: July 26, 18:00 - 20:30
Where: Symphony Solutions Krakow office (O3 Business Campus, City Space, 1st floor, ul. Opolska 114, 31-323 Krakow)

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Organizatorem wydarzenia "AGILE: Deep Retrospectives. Or from emotions to innovation!" jest Symphony Solutions Sp. z o.o.

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