Sql Tutorial and training

Introduction:  SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL lets you access and manipulate databases. SQL can be used for insert, search, update, or delete database records. Intellipaat is going to organise an event for IT  professional regarding SQL tutorial and training
What to expect?
Mode of Delivery - The categories area unit control each online  lecture roomsfor Individual and Corporates. 
Audience - we've got a world audience logs That in this figure hand in hand with our bestinstructors.
Certification- more then 150+ courses. Certification which is accepted globally. 
Courses out there across - India, Americas, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. 

What area main course objectives? 
After finishing this course,you'll be able to know:
  • Understand how  MySQL works
  • Learn to use SQL to output reports with MySQL
  • Learn to change the MySQL knowledge with SQL
  • Learn to make a straightforward MySQL information
  • Learn to make easy work with Views and keep Procedures in MySQL.
  • Learn to make tables in MySQL.

The course is intended to give delegates the sensible expertise in writing SQL statement exploitation the MySQL shopper program and MySQL work bench . The fundamental SQL statements, as well as the employment of SQL functions and the the Therefore the basic table and think about handling statements area unit Introduced.

For any inquiries you can always reach us at sales@intellipaat.com or call us at + 91-7022374614.

Corporate Training Solutions also available.

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Organizatorem wydarzenia "Sql Tutorial and training" jest Vaishnavi Agrawal

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https://intellipaat.com/tutorial/sql-tutorial/ Vaishnavi Agrawal


17 lipca 2020

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