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I love Sales & Commerce 12-13.05.2020

12 Maja - 13 Maja od 824,10 zł
MTP Sala Ziemi, Poznań

Szkolenie na "Prowadzącego strzelanie" (LOK) - Strzelnica FSO

Sobota - Niedziela od 549,99 zł
Strzelnica FSO, Warszawa


24 Kwietnia, 09:00 - 17:45 od 390,00 zł
Aula Artis Concordia Design, Poznań

Klub Przedsiębiorczych Mam - Wrocław

Piątek, 12:00 - 14:00
Kawiarnia Pokruszone, Wrocław

Wrocław Agile Development conference 2019 - bilety

Wrocław Agile Development is a yearly conference dedicated to the art of the agile software development. It's a great fun-packed and educational day. We share our experiences, case studies, stories and lessons learnt.

On WAD2019 we would like to present two tracks:

  • Product & Strategy shares our implementation of scaled Agile, the approach we take to test our products, presents our customer's experience and more.
  • Technology covers hot topics like cloud/serverless architecture or patterns in the microservices. Also introduces you to the new generation of the CI/CD together with other interesting subjects.

Come and check more event details on our WAD website.

We set up the WAD conference, not only because we believe in teaching, learning and sharing, but also because it gives us the opportunity to help the most needy in our community.

As the WAD conference is fully sponsored by NewVoiceMedia (Vonage), we donate all the proceeds from tickets we sell to our chosen charity. In addition, thanks to our Foundation, we are able to double the money we collect, and give even stronger support. We currently support the "Formuła Dobra" Lower Silesian Hospice for Children. In order to get the right results and to ensure the best care for children, the hospice needs to spend significant amounts of money on rehabilitation every month. To support this cause, all the money we collect will be used for these regular rehabilitation sessions.

Follow us on Facebook fanpage and stay up-to-date with all information :)

See you on the 28th September!

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