Cloud Native Warsaw Conference

Cloud Native Warsaw Conference

When: Mon, September 9th and Tue, September 10th, 2020

Where: Copernicus Conference Centre

4-6 Tracks (Kubernetes, Cloud, Serverless, Security, Golang and Microservices, Cloud Native for Enterprise)

60-80 speakers

400-800 participants

We believe that Cloud Native is the future of software development. Ideas and approaches of cloud-native computing introduced new ways and possibilities for developing, deploying and operating software products. Our goal is to take action and bring together a community that inspires, supports and challenges one another to consider various perspectives and experiences that will help create and implement technology that will serve a global user.

Join enthusiasts of Cloud Solutions, mine through Microservices and Serverless problems, solve the mysteries of Kubernetes at the Cloud Native Warsaw Conference

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Cloud Native Warsaw Workshops

Alongside the Conference we offer theCloud Native & Kubernetes Community fantastic workshops done by top specialists in the field. 

When: Wed, September 7-8th (Monday - Tuesday), 2020

Where: TBA

Available workshops:

Kubernetes 101 Workshop by Tomasz Tarczyński

It's a hands-on workshop presenting basic concepts in Kubernetes from the user perspective. Each participant will work on their own laptop (either on Vagrant or on Google Cloud Platform). We invite anyone who hasn't used Kubernetes before and want to learn from scratch.

Kubernetes Fundamentals & Deployment Strategies in Kubernetes by Rafał Małanij

Kubernetes Fundamentals - What Will You Learn?

  • A quick review of Docker and containerization practices.
  • The architecture of Kubernetes.
  • How to deploy applications on Kubernetes and make it publicly available.
  • How to manage and monitor Kubernetes.

Deployment Strategies in Kubernetes - What Will You Learn?

  • What deployment strategies are available in Kubernetes
  • Practice simple strategies on a sample application
  • Try Canary deployments with Istio
  • How to choose the best strategy for your application
More options to be added soon, we expect to host over 10 different workshops.
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Organizatorem wydarzenia "Cloud Native Warsaw Conference" jest Cognitive Cloud Solutions Sp. z o. o.

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