DevOps Knowledge Day - Learn the key success factors of the DevOps transformation!

11 Marca 2019, 12:00-19:00 (Poniedziałek)

Golden Floor Tower - 32p., Warszawa Zobacz na mapie

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DevOps Knowledge Day

At DevOps Knowledge Day you will learn lessons from DevOps transformations run with 400 teams globally, critical success factors for such transformations and case studies from Poland and abroad. Finally, during the Phoenix Project mini-workshop in safe conditions you will encounter dilemmas that leaders face during a DevOps transformation. The main idea of the event is to show you, that high-performing organizations continuously improve themselves. It is due to their determination and courage to work on their organizational culture, processes, leadership, automation and metrics, that they become companies who can faster react to the changing business surrounding. IT quits being a cost inside a company and becomes a source of competitive advantage on the market. During DevOps Knowledge Way we would like to guide you that way and inspire you with examples from the experience of practitioners.

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12:00-12:30 Registration and appetizers

12:30-12:45 Official welcome

12:45-13:20 DevOps will fail… Unless (Paul Wilkinson @ GamingWorks)

13:20-13:35 DevOps transformation starts with you (Tomasz Pająk @ Conlea)

13:35-14:00 The DASA DevOps Competence model - creating high performance teams (Ike Hanselman @ DASA)

14:00-14:10 Break

14:10-14:40 Beyond the tools and processes (Waldemar Sadkowski @ seasoned IT Manager)

14:40-15:05 DevOps cultural change consultant (Sam Rosbergen @ ABN AMRO Bank N.V.)

15:05-15:25 Break

15:25-17:00 "The Phoenix Project taster" workshop (Paul Wilkinson @ GamingWorks)

15:25-17:00 Open Space Discussion (Piotr Frąckowiak @ Conlea)

17:00-19:00 Summary and networking

For more details on each session check Agenda.

To learn more about us go to Speakers and Host.

See you in Warsaw!!

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